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See, now ya went and wrecked it. I was trying to show these guys that today's kids are not total brats.

You just earned a vacation (also know as a time out) from this community. I hope when you have the opportunity to return, you will choose your responses differently.

Thanks Cricket ....... I will take it from here.

Allright NorthernSurvival, I have had my eye on you for a while now ....... just for the sake of this response, I am going to play along with your little identity game.

Seems you want to play with the big boys, namely those who have years of experience and wisdom from real life experiences. Here's is the one simple rule that is a given, both here at PF and in your every day life ..... you have to earn your right to have your voice heard, or it is just your own babble without an audience who gives a darn about YOU or your thoughts.

Next time ......... come to the table with either respect as a young gun ....... or a job and status as a taxpayer who is paying the bills of this nation.