Indian health care system please read

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Indian health care system please read

This is a discussion on Indian health care system please read within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; i will try to keep this short, I was backsearching, reading some posts, and found some comments I couldnt keep quiet about. Sorry, thats just ...

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Thread: Indian health care system please read

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    Indian health care system please read

    i will try to keep this short, I was backsearching, reading some posts, and found some comments I couldnt keep quiet about. Sorry, thats just tyhe way i am..
    I am white, whatever that means, but i was witha Navajo woman for three years..People that are saying the Indians get free heath care, Yeah, go check it out...
    I have taken her to the E.R. at an Indian Hospital, and it is very different than our local E.R.
    First the facility is just crumbling, fallig apart....
    Second, the people employed there are state employee's. almost like the DMV, lots of attitude...
    Third, they are so unequiped, I was sitting at a nurses station, using the phone and there was a note about "using less adult diapers, and less cleaning supplies". I was saddened.
    I work with 90 percent Navajos, and have heard stories of serious injuries, no Xrays, just "a sprain", take IBU and if it gets worse, come back....Then to go to real ER and have broken wrists..
    Twice, I took my lady there, and we were treated like dirt, rushed and pushed out the door.
    and yes, they fill prescriptions there too, in about 6 hours....
    Then, my lady got a great job, with great insurance, and took her kid in there, they are allowed to bill the insurance company she found out..
    Later that month, she got some serious sinus infection and was dizzy and almost passed out in the shower, so i took her in very early that morning, they confirmed she still had insurance, then put us in a room, in the emegency room, and we waited all day, so the ear nose and throat specialist could be reached, on her day off, to come look at my lady. Turns out she had vertigo, and needed some meds...
    Long story short, indian hospitals may be free, but in my experience, they suck. The people obviously care, just dont have the funds to shit about it..
    And the moral of this story, If you have experience with something, and can share it without calling anyone else stupid or offending everyone, and yes, depending on my mood, i can be offended if you sneeze wrong, but Dont talk negative about something unless you have a little experience........
    Thats all. i guess Im done for a while....
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    Wow... that's wrong on many levels. But why do the Indians tolerate it?
    I don't trust a government that doesn't trust me with a gun.

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    Sounds like a model of socialized medicine.

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    I dont know why its tolerated, i assume mostly becouse we (the tax payers) dont know how F'ed up it is. I know i would rather get punched in the face than have to sit there again. Dont get me wrong, im sure theat there are some great things done there daily, but man, the ER is just shitty. Working with mostly indians, my experience from that particular hospital is fluent, the place we work has decent paid sick time, depending on years worked, but the bosses usually want a DR note, that hospital gives patients a flyer stating that they dont give out dr notes.. Sometimes thou, my coworkers find that by explaining they really need one, they get them. And I havent mentioned the name of said hospital becouse i have met a few great employees there, just like it seems everywhere, even the dmv, usually one person that is normal.. The hospital staff there are all paid well, just think they are so maxed out with budget and shortstaffed that sometimes they "loose the reason they went into the profession"..No damn way could i deal with sick people all day.
    just a side note, the Navajo people just got their first couple of Casinos going, and they are very busy, but I dont know how the distrubutition of these "funds" go..You want some Interesting reading, google shiprock fair commitee missing funds, the fair commitee even wanted to charge the "code talkers" the float fee's...
    Ah, well, I feel better...I have been down south in the Mississppi delta, ive visited California, lived in Texas an NM, and i dont care what color you are, Ive had great friends and met some serious scumbags, of all colors, and ages...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ripon View Post
    Sounds like a model of socialized medicine.
    Coming to us after 2014
    New life as a house husband, major shift in duties.

    Karl Marx said, "Destroy their culture, rewrite their history. Ruin their art and literature, and defame their heroes, by offering fabrications to scandalize that which they considered good.
    After reading this Obama said I am on it.



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