Wondering What I Missed

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Wondering What I Missed

This is a discussion on Wondering What I Missed within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; I've done the best I can "so far" with food, water, shelter, defense, medical, my dog & a few comfort things but can't help wondering ...

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Thread: Wondering What I Missed

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    Wondering What I Missed

    I've done the best I can "so far" with food, water, shelter, defense, medical, my dog & a few comfort things but can't help wondering what I've missed. I can get past some really tough times with coffee & toilet paper but it's the stuff I haven't considered that has me worried. Suggestions?

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    Shut the main disconnect switch off to your house, close the gas valve from N.G. or Propaine for two days, or if you really want to a week.

    You will really get the picture fast.

    Come home on Friday afternoon, shut down, keep track of the things that cause issues. turn it all back on at 6:00 a.m. Monday.

    It can be like a camping trip.
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    I was hoping you'd tell me
    Quote Originally Posted by oswegoscott View Post
    Be ready to tie up the teenagers-- they'll freak without electronics. HAHAHA
    Thats what I was getting at the other day when you suggested that I throw my main breaker.Two young boys with no xbox or ipods.I would create my own living hell.lol

    However,great suggestion for a practice dry run by shutting the utilities off,a few days should be enough to let you know of anything major that you might be lacking or things that could use improvement.My family is unaware,but i'm gonna try another test myself here during their spring break and they are out of school.Then we'll have my kind of fun for a couple days.Since my boys always find the thrown main breaker,oswegoscott got me thinking on this and this time,I will just pull my meter and disable the generator and let them think we really are "without power".Also planning on putting my 13yr old on "watch duty" a couple times during the run to test him as well.But ideas like this are where you find your "weak spots" and much better to give it attention now vs. when the lights really do go out.
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    Never get it prefect.
    You first prepare for a short term disruption. Few days supplies. Then you build on it to a week then a month a season. A year........
    It is not a one plan thing you build on it as time goes on.
    We have outages here from time to time in winter so we get a look at how it could be. We fire up our none power source of heat from time to time to test it.
    New life as a house husband, major shift in duties.

    Karl Marx said, "Destroy their culture, rewrite their history. Ruin their art and literature, and defame their heroes, by offering fabrications to scandalize that which they considered good.
    After reading this Obama said I am on it.



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