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Why Do You Prep?

This is a discussion on Why Do You Prep? within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; Habits in inherited from my parents who grew up during the Great Depression....

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Thread: Why Do You Prep?

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    Habits in inherited from my parents who grew up during the Great Depression.
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    I love my family!
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    Natural Disaster, Fire, Economic Collapse, Social Unrest, Hard times.

    And Aliens.
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    The first motto I subscribed to came from the Boy Scouts. "Be Prepared." Now as an adult and knowing what things can happen I don't want to be like the people on the roof waiting for the helicopter. I want to be the one who can take care of my family, myself, and my neighbor if possible. If I never need it, great. If I ever do, I'll be glad for it when that day comes.
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    Natural Disaster, Fire, Economic Collapse, Social Unrest, Hard times.

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    Why Do You Prep?-antichrist.jpg

    Why Do You Prep?-martial-law-boston-april-19-2013.jpg
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    Because it is much cheaper and FAR more enjoyable to live life being self-sustaining than living life as cattle in a slaughterhouse.
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    You all gave me great reasons. And it was enough for my sister in Calif to get the idea. She lives right on the San Andreas did not see any reason to be prepared. Her "Paranoid" brother could not get to her. But she read this post and her husband says he thinks she might be coming around. She will listen to complete strangers, but not her brother. Her husband just texted me she is on this site right now and reading and taking notes. People THANK YOU for possibly turning my sister around (Hopefully).
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    I like to prep/accumulate because I see what happens to the food supply chains/supermarkets when ANY crises happens they are wiped out by the people driving the fastest cars.

    I am happier sitting in the couch watching the tv show us how to panic and say to myself. 'Idiots'.


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