The preks of being a prepper

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The preks of being a prepper

This is a discussion on The preks of being a prepper within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; Well I sitting in my room watching YT on my new phone when the power goes out. The GF goes into panic mode. So what, ...

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Thread: The preks of being a prepper

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    The preks of being a prepper

    Well I sitting in my room watching YT on my new phone when the power goes out. The GF goes into panic mode. So what, I fire up a Coleman lantern and sit outside for a while. My hardest decision was picking one out! I'll have the last laugh this time.
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    I would fire up my biolite stove, turn the phone off, charge with the biolite, boil some water and make some coffee and open a can of soup. Maybe make some bannock to go with it.

    Crack out the solar panel and charge whatever needs it. Read a book. Get firewood ready for outdoor cooker.

    Ensure safety will remain, with no phones or communication.

    Break out my battery operated radio, tune in to see whats happening.

    pack a few things in my truck in case i have to go.

    check on the neighbours.

    take moment and pause, shaking my head, at the idiocy of my fellow countrymen for electing who they did.
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    Yep. When everyone is running around in panic, the prepared man can relax, and THINK, the most important activity of all in an emergency.

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    Now in AZ
    I share some of TC's thoughts. Being on the side of the mountain, I feel fortunate in couple of ways. First off, how many of you have the first reaction of "Oh Damn", followed by "Is this the big one"? From my vantage point, I can look down on a large portion of the big city to the south and the west. If it was the "big one" at night, I would probably notice how bright the stars were without all the city lights messing up the sky. With the ham radio, I'd be able to contact a few others to see how wide spread the power outage was. This is very important to me. With the "strange" city water system around here, I could loose city water within minutes of the power outage (especially at get ready for work time). With the proper info, I'll know whether or not to start filling the bathtubs.
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    A power outage here makes no difference, just a minor inconvenience.
    Each room in this home has two Aladdin lamps, two conventional "Queen Ann" burner lamps and a Coleman gas fired lantern.
    What is lit depends on the level of light needed.
    The kitchen is well lit with these types also.
    Kitchen Stove is propane fired, no electric is needed to run the kitchen and there are manual alternate items for such as can opening.
    number one and two alternate heat needs no electric either.
    Can fire up a genset when needed to run refrigerator and freezer.
    Ham equipment is operated off deep cycle batteries and have their own genset.
    At least once a year the power is out from a day to a week.
    That outage justifies in my mind the preps I do, usually go through the incident without a hiccup.
    The good part is I can relax, watch my favorite dvd's, or enjoy the time and the quietness without electric things running, no noise from the generators, in a out building.
    I am rural, so it is quiet to begin with.
    That is why I like the Aladdin's, they make no noise like a Coleman does.
    In my bedroom, I have a Yaesu FRG 100 that I SWL with or listen to commercial AM stations,
    it has its own automotive battery and charger, will run for about 6 months without recharging.
    Usually listen to Rush Limburger in the afternoon on it.
    Set has a one hundred foot long wire antenna on it and a antenna tuner/trimmer.
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    Ehh I go into the garage and get the generator out, fire it up, connect it to the house, put on a movie and act as if nothing is wrong.
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    It is an evil society that blames the tool for the actions of its user.

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    Save battery, place a cheapo flashlight lense down on a milk jug full of water.
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    The Alamo
    Our Gallon Lamp lights up our whole living room.

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    Ever heard about the NYC babyboom in 1968??? It occurred exactly 9 months after NYC had a major power outage. Almost overflowed the city's hospital's maternity wards. True story.



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