Help with well hand pump.

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Help with well hand pump.

This is a discussion on Help with well hand pump. within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; Hello to all. I am new to the forums and have a question. We have city water with our old well still hooked up. We ...

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    Question Help with well hand pump.

    Hello to all. I am new to the forums and have a question. We have city water with our old well still hooked up. We have a jet pump in an old unfinished basement. Would it be possible to mount the hand pump in the basement so it wouldn't be seen outside? I'm thinking it could be done by running the incoming pipes into some sort of base that the pump could be mounted to. Am I correct? Or does it HAVE to be on top of the well cap? I'm not sure of the well depth. I haven't investigated that far yet. Thanks.

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    As long as:
    Your well water level is less than 40 feet maximum lower than your pump
    All the connections are air tight
    You have a way to prime your pump
    And you don't mind working your tail off then it can be done.

    If any one of those are not true then you need a pump that rests in the water.

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    Our jet pump pulls water from I'd say 75+ feet deep. I think jet pumps are usually 25 to 200 feet depth. If I'm thinking of the right pump, the pump is in the basement or is it down a hole that is the well. I think our pump pushes water down them collects it back up.

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    Our summer camp had a well about 60 feet down.
    Pump body was in the water connected with a long rod and a pitcher pump top.
    Took a lot of action to get the water out of the spout.
    At least it was self priming.
    Had a hatch on roof for pulling the 10 foot sections out to replace the leathers.
    Camp was built around 1910.
    PaulS is right, you can only pull so much vacuum.

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    Put a small shed over the well casing and hide it all in there. Much easier. Unless you're a wiz with plumbing parts and trickery, a decent hand pump is going to run you $1600+, so what's another few hundred for a shed?

    BTW, if you can find me a decent outdoor well casing mount hand pump for less, please let me know.



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