Wake Up Call (Health related)

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Wake Up Call (Health related)

This is a discussion on Wake Up Call (Health related) within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; A friend of mine is in the hospital and just had his big toe removed due to infection from complications with diabetes. Really it was ...

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Thread: Wake Up Call (Health related)

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    Wake Up Call (Health related)

    A friend of mine is in the hospital and just had his big toe removed due to infection from complications with diabetes. Really it was less about complications and more about him just not taking care of it and hoping it would get better on its own. I'm not looking for well wishes or prayers. He's a tough SOB and will come out ok (but unfortunately with one less big toe). The reason I posted this was just to remind everyone that, not only as preppers, but as people we need to take care of ourselves. Especially when/if SHTF because medical care won't be as readily available as it is now. A simple infection then will most likely take your life. No amount of guns, ammo, food, water or preps will save your life if your health isn't fairly good going into SHTF. Take care of yourselves and each other!
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    First you have to give up. First you have to know, not fear, know that someday you're going to die.

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    Good thread. Went for new glasses and scripts. The puff of air on your eyeball thing, she did it like ten times! Turns out I'm pre-glaoucoma. Pressure should have been around 15, mine was over 40. Eye drops have it under control. Preps are useless if you can't see! Take care of your body or no amount of preps will save you!! In only 2 years this came about. As we age yearly check-ups are sooo important. Thanks for the post!!
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    Thank you for the reminder. I'm overdue for my annual physical. It's so easy to slip off the wagon.
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    The toes go first with sugar

    154 after the sauerkraut & ice cream :joyous:
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    I said a prayer anyway. Even tough, mean old bastards need one sent up from time to time. Thanks for the reminder. My uncle lost his whole leg last year to diabetes.
    "There is a destiny that shapes our ends, Rough, hew them as we will."

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    I hope your friend uses this as a wake up call. My friends dad went through this. First the toes, then the foot, then up to the knee. He died shortly after. They had this machine that "sucked" the infection out, and everything was looking great. Then he took a turn for the worst.

    Best wishes
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    Yup, get your physicals (with tetanus booster if needed), your dental/eye exams done. Prevention=Prepping.
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    Diabetics will have a very difficult time in a true SHTF situation for bothType 1 (Childhood Onset or Genetically Onset Diabetes) and Type 2 (usually Lifestyle caused Diabetes) diabetics. The age old advice of Exercise, Diet, Plenty of Water is the basis of maintaining a diabetic's health and reducing the possibility of amputation due to complications. Obviously medicines play a huge role as well, especially for insulin dependent Type 1 diabetics.

    Type 2 Diabetics at least have a chance in a SHTF Grid-Down scenario. Weight loss, diet and exercise are critical and you'll probably experience all three in a SHTF situation. And if you're a Type 2 and not on insulin and if your pill meds hold out you have a chance of beating it.

    But a Type 1 Diabetic has a pancreas that does not work and if they cannot get insulin which needs refrigeration, well there is no reversal and no cure. In the book, One Second After, a little girl with Type 1 Diabetes is discussed and the result is not good.

    Prayers for your friend Sas.
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