The Death Penalty: A Friendly Discussion About Government Power

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The Death Penalty: A Friendly Discussion About Government Power

This is a discussion on The Death Penalty: A Friendly Discussion About Government Power within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; I would like to have a friendly discussion about the death penalty, why some people oppose it and why some people are in favor. All ...

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Thread: The Death Penalty: A Friendly Discussion About Government Power

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    The Death Penalty: A Friendly Discussion About Government Power

    I would like to have a friendly discussion about the death penalty, why some people oppose it and why some people are in favor. All I ask is that people remain civil and respect each other persons right to believe whatever they like on the subject.

    I personally am opposed to the death penalty because I think that while their may or may not be an actual benefit to a free society (opinions on that are all over the place), the death penalty in the hands of a tyrannical government is a very, very bad thing.

    I ask myself, "Do I trust my government to do the right thing?"

    My answer is "No, I do not trust my government. At all. I do not trust it to be fair, I do not trust it to be honest, and I do not trust it to be impartial. I do not trust it in any way, shape or form".

    Since I would not trust my government to, say, consistently pick up my garbage or deliver my mail, or keep my roads in good repair or provide good medical care to our brave veterans who have earned it or (I could go on for days listing examples of government inadequacies) why on Earth would I trust the government to kill people.

    I look at the facts, and the facts are that states with the death penalty have higher murder rates than the ones that don't, so the argument of "deterrent" is not in any way compelling...

    I also look at the large number of people exonerated for serious crimes where later DNA evidence positively cleared them... and honestly, that's an issue.

    Additionally, with all of the safeguards the government has in place, it costs anywhere from three to ten times more to execute somebody than it does to confine them for life. Feel free to look this up on your own, I've done it several times and frankly am not interested in doing it again, I already know it to be true. If you doubt it, then please feel free to do your own research.

    This all sums up, for me, why I would rather abolish the death penalty. Take guys like the Boston bomber, and put his ass in solitary confinement for the rest of his life. Stick him in a cage, all by himself, and let him rot, alone, for the next 40-50 years until he dies. THAT is punishment.

    I probably would have a different view if it were an effective deterrent, if it were less expensive than lifetime confinement, and if I could actually trust the government... especially in cases where the person both admits that they did it, and the evidence all points to that person like in Boston.

    In a case like that guy, I really don't care if they kill him or not. He did it, he's a monster, there is zero chance this is a government put-up job, etc... the only thing that stops me from supporting it is "yes, but do I REALLY think it's a good idea that a socialist state like Massachusetts gets to kill people?" I just don't trust them, at all... so, no.
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    On the flip side, why would I want to be forced to pay taxes to feed, clothe, house someone who's crimes against fellow citizens are so vile that it is not reasonable to release them back into society? Unfortunately not everyone is savable to become a productive upstanding citizen and the world is a better place without them. The death penalty will never be the deterrent one would hope, but it will deter some and If it needs to be a public circus to work, so be it.
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    The case is being tried here, but, it is not a state case. The feds are the ones who tried and found that bastard guilty on all 30 counts.
    Don't judge all of us here in this state by the actions of those libturds in the Boston area.
    As an example to all future islimest terrorist, he should be allowed to be eaten alive by a group of pigs.
    The same punnishment should be provided to all other islimic jihadist.
    For those i support the death penalty 110%.
    Furthermore, they ought to execute all those still held at Gitmo.

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    The current state of the death penalty, where it is still used, is a joke. You can thank lawyers for that. With all the appeals and "deal cutting" that goes on the entire judicial system is a joke. I fully support the death penalty if we could get it back to the way it was meant to be. If those stats about it being a deterrent are correct it is only because of the joke it's become.
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    While I consider a lot of points to be valid, Salt-N-Pepper, I have a few reasons why in general I oppose the death penalty. Coming from Illinois, the cost of appeals, etc. was more than ridiculous and of course we had a whole bunch of death-row inmates who were later exonerated by DNA. Can't say that I know much about other states. However, there are times when I think the death penalty is called for.
    BTW if death penalties were outlawed and a government decided to crack down on its citizenry, I feel they would just re-introduce capitol punishment.
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    Several years back I would have been all for the death penalty, eye for an eye and all that. Now I have reservations. There have been so many things come to light about prosecutors not releasing evidence that would have questioned guilt, CSI techs that falsify evidence and even the vaunted FBI is under fire for manufacturing evidence in criminal cases. Too much corruption in our Government has put the entire penal system nationwide in a bad light with all sorts of people being charged with crimes because they don't toe the government line both by the Federal and state police.
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    It's been a good item for many years,and I find nothing today that makes me want to change it.

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    There are reasons for the death penalty. First and foremost is deterrence. Clearly, that notion is out the window. The other reason is retribution. For the same reasons deterrence is out the window, so is retribution. For those who have to live with the actions of those who are worthy of death, the ordeal is dragged on and on with each passing year and each appeal. There would be better closure were the guilty convicted and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole and sent to a prison that would insure all the niceties of life that were deprived of the victim be deprived of the convicted.

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    I'd say bring back Issac Parker and George Maledon. Remember for most of his time on the bench there was no court from which the guilty could appeal


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