Anyone here a pepper head?

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Anyone here a pepper head?

This is a discussion on Anyone here a pepper head? within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; Anyone here a pepper head? I see that chile plants dot com has the Carolina Reaper for sale. I love the Trinidad Moruga Scorpions and ...

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Thread: Anyone here a pepper head?

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    Anyone here a pepper head?

    Anyone here a pepper head?

    I see that chile plants dot com has the Carolina Reaper for sale. I love the Trinidad Moruga Scorpions and the Naga Kings, plus 7 pot, Bhut Jolokia's and some Devil's Tongues. Has anyone tried this pepper? It is now the hottest pepper according to Guiness at an average of 1.569 million Scoville units.

    One pepper for 6 quarts of chili. And it will clean your sinuses, your colon and remove your hemorrhoids all in one bowlful.

    My coworkers think I am insane.
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    Not a pepper head, but I do enjoy the flavor of mild heat. Probably on a baby scale of what your reffering to. I have eaten habrneros, and some good jalapeno's, but I am not into the super hot stuff your into. Would love to go to a competition, only to watch.
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    I like jalapeños. But I'm not volunteering to eat one of the super hot peppers. They will burn you twice.
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    Your co-workers aren't the only ones that think you're insane!!! lol My hubs has some ghost chili powder that his brother made. HOLY HELL!!! I sprinkled just a little on something and I was in extreme pain for a good ten minutes! LOL
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    Like others have said, im not a "pepper head". But I do love HOT food and peppers, it always sucks coming back out tho. I have never got into it like the OP, but didn't honestly know people did lol..

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    Hot, sweet hot, sweet
    I usually grow 5 kinds and tomatoes, onions and try to make enough salsa to last till next season. Never made it yet, can eat a pint at a time.
    But no, I like pepper flavors and heat just not the hyper hot, hard to taste because suffering ones. Pretty sure cayenne has the same benefits.
    The first time someone touched habanero to my tongue, I thought it was a trick and they had burned me with a chemical. You can have mine.
    But I eat a Lotta common peppers.

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    I learned my lesson regarding peppers.
    I was working over time one evening and went back to the shop after fixing a helicopter. It was getting close to 3rd shift's lunch, and they had a table of peppers placed in the middle of the room. Apparently, it was pepper night. They invited me to a pepper, so I casually tossed a small pepper into my mouth. As I was biting down, some of them were telling me I had made a mistake.
    You know how it is; you ears hear the warning, but the brain has already sent the command to chew?

    Ever heard of a rooster spur? I haven't. Or, I hadn't heard of it until after I regained cognitive ability and they told me what had kicked my ass all over the place.

    I don't fool with peppers, anymore. Enjoy those things. I assure you I will not be the blame for demand causing prices to go up.
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    I thought this thread was going to an insult.

    I enjoy crushed red pepper on just about every cooked meal here. Also cayenne pepper on occasion. Ans sometimes hot sauce.

    Too hot is never enjoyable.

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    I grow habaneros inside and when they are ready to harvest I'll pop a small one. They are hot but also sweet/fruity ..just need a tall glass of milk and some rice to take the edge off.

    I have tried spicy contests before, it didn't end well for me and most everyone else. The challenge was eat 8 large wings that are cooked in a sauce mixed with capsicum can't take the meat off the bone on this challenge..I got three down and then waited...about 30 minutes later liquid fire blasted out like old guy in a group of 6 finished and immediately he drank half a bottle of pepto and some ice cream.

    I have not heard of some of those peppers you mentioned ^^..I will check them out when I get the chance. Which one did you say was the hottest one?

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    Your not making pepper spray or mace are you? LOL.
    We have a four box system,the soap box,the ballet box,the jury box and the cartridge box!


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