The truth about the Nutcracker Suite

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The truth about the Nutcracker Suite

This is a discussion on The truth about the Nutcracker Suite within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; My mother took my 5 year old Niece to see the Nutcracker as a Grandmother Grand daughter celebration of Christmas. After the first hour and ...

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Thread: The truth about the Nutcracker Suite

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    The truth about the Nutcracker Suite

    My mother took my 5 year old Niece to see the Nutcracker as a Grandmother Grand daughter celebration of Christmas. After the first hour and a half my niece looks to my mother and asks "What is this about Gramma?" to which my mother responded "It's about a little girl who is asleep, and she is having a dream of Christmas." My Niece simply said, "Well, I wish she would wake up."

    I couldn't have said it better. :smilet-digitalpoint
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    I know what you mean CSI

    A few years ago, Mrs Slippy had the "wonderful" idea to take my mother to see a play at the historic Fox Theater in Atlanta. She chose some Christmas themed Broadway play. My research discovered that the Fox Theater indeed sold alcohol so I begrudgingly agreed to accompany them.

    I scanned the seats and noticed that the aisle seats had a piece of metal that exceeded the back of the chair, high enough so that you could take off your sport coat, fold it up and place it between your head and the metal extension piece and fall asleep after consuming a couple of glasses of cheap theater wine.

    Mrs Slippy sat between me and Mom so Mo m never knew I caught some Z's during the play and woke up refreshed.

    EDIT; I did have a stern discussion with Mrs Slippy and asked her nicely to never do that again.
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    My wife and I went to the Nutcracker with my folks.
    We had box seats that were across the theater from theirs.
    We both enjoyed a little nap, completely independent of the other.
    Only afterward did we realize the other had slept too.

    I'll never do that again.
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    I love Nutcracker, especially at the Bol'shoi Theatre in Moscow or Kirov in St.Petersburg, there is nothing like it anywhere in North America. I went to see Nutcracker at both, New York city and Toronto and it was a sad, pathetic imitation even by traveling Russian ballet (terrible acoustics, much smaller orchestra and the best soloists stay and perform at home). I wanted to snooze…

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    I took a couple of years of ballet when I was young. Got too tall to ever do more than a chorus spot so quit. I enjoy the ballet - especially The Nutcracker.
    Just don't sit within five rows of the front. Sweat flies, joints can be heard cracking, grunts, etc.
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    rest in peace Corporal Bradley Coy 06/08/92-10/24/14

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    Both of my sisters danced ballet growing up. The ballet school they were in put on a full production of the Nutcracker every Christmas. They actually convinced me to be in it one year as one of the toy soldiers in the fight scene. After that I helped out on the backstage crew when and where I could. I was an interesting thing for a while, the whole family doing a holiday production, all the fast food you could eat during dress rehearsal week since we were all over at the theater doing stuff. But then they didn't have anymore backstage positions for me. Something to do with the high school age girls being uncomfortable with a high school age boy running around backstage while they're trying to do quick changes or something. So while the rest of my family continued helping out I stayed at home until I had to go to the performances. To be honest after hearing the same music year after year for so long it got a bit old. That all changed when my little sister organized a full production of the ballet in her senior year of college and realized one of her childhood dreams of dancing as the Sugar Plum Fairy. I'll admit even that was pretty cool to see. Fast forward a few years to just yesterday and now the Mrs. wanted to go see the Nutcracker with the rest my my family for a new bit of choreography the local professional ballet company has put together.

    Made me realize just how much I picked up during those years and that it can be nice to go out and get some culture from time to time.
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    I don't care for ballet personally. Kind of like opera, I just don't "get it". That said, I knew a few girls in school who were into it big time and they were in top physical shape. I have a lot of respect for them because they are athletes. It may look easy but it takes lots of strength and agility to do that stuff.
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    Ballet and opera are just like the movies, there are good and bad ones. You just have to find the ones you like.

    If you have three minutes, watch The Queen of the Night try to persuade her daughter to kill the king, sung by Erika Miklosa. Fascinating!
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    Anything that involves men in tights just ain't my bag.
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    rest in peace Corporal Bradley Coy 06/08/92-10/24/14

    Rest in Peace Sgt Mackie. 10/19/19

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inor View Post
    Anything that involves men in tights just ain't my bag.
    That's the only reason I would watch a ballet! :eagerness:
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    In Memory of Cpl. Bradley Coy
    Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

    Sail on, Hunting Hawk. You were one of a kind.



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