Took the family camping this weekend. Went to a nice little spot up in the mountains with some patches of snow still on the ground.

When I go camping I love seeing wildlife. I took my trail cam and caught some mule deer, a fox and some coyotes. We actually had a coyote run right into our camp as me and Lady Sas were sitting around the fire. It wasn't bothered by us at all. I stomped my foot and it just looked at me. Finally I ran at it and it took off.

On the way up the mountain we saw 4 different Bobcats. I thought that was pretty weird since they are a fairly elusive animal. I have only seen one in the wild before. The first two were babies. One was crossing the road and the other way laying in it. I had to hit the breaks to keep from hitting it. I'm sure mama was somewhere nearby. The next set were just walking along the road. It was a mama and a baby.