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Sir Robert Peel, Father of Modern Policing

Thread: Sir Robert Peel, Father of Modern Policing

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    Denton said:
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    Right right. Verbal Judo. Good point.
    No, not verbal judo. That implies the citizen is the enemy and the cop is the warrior. Wrong idea, wrong profession, and a big part of the problem we see, today. A man's attitude shines through, more so than you might think. Do you think the citizen can't smell such an attitude?

    Why is it that a cop is making contact with a citizen is an important thing. How it is happening is important, too.

    Today's notion of patrolling is based on Sir Peel's men, who were called "Robert's Runners." Robert's Runners ran through the streets of London, giving the appearance of omnipresence. A pick-pocket, robber, mugger or thief had no idea if his activity was going to be caught by one of Robert's Runners coming around the corner. Side note - I guess one can understand where the term, "Bobby" came from, right? Back on target. How do we see patrolling used, nowadays? Speed enforcement. Rather than giving the appearance of omnipresence throughout the city/town in order to prevent crimes against the people, the car is used to make contact with the citizen so that the citizen might have the opportunity to pay extra tax based on uniform commercial codes, rather than using that same car to patrol neighborhoods, where families and property can be found.

    How can one expect the public to view Officer Friendly, when the usual form of contact with him is blue lights behind the car, little to no discussion and the meeting ending with the issuing of a citation?

    See, there was a time when peace officers made contact with citizens for misdemeanors after an injured party made and swore to an affidavit, which caused the judge to issue an arrest or search warrant, which caused the officer to serve the warrant and carry out whatever the warrant indicated. Of course, nothing more than witnessing a felony was reason enough for the officer to make contact with the offender. Of course, this is a basic description, but it is clear that the individual, the reason for a government in the first place, was respected and he was not to be the object of interference was he conducted his pursuit of happiness.

    Like society in general, our professional policemen might need to study the basics, again.
    "Reality is almost always wrong."
    Dr. Gregory House
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    Denton said:
    Can the cops make a difference? Well, I thought about it a bit, and realized they can. I say this because it has happened.

    I worked in a small town of less the 20,000 people. Monday night was court night, and most cases were traffic related. One night, a beautiful young girl's plea was simply that she did not want to pay the ticket. The judge asked how bad did she not want to pay the ticket. The girl went to the judge, sat on his lap and gave him a big hug. She was found not guilty. Every other case was found guilty. What did the cops do in response? They turned in the KR-10's tossed their citation books into their brief cases and wrote no more tickets.

    Just an example.
    "Reality is almost always wrong."
    Dr. Gregory House