History is repeating me thinks!

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History is repeating me thinks!

This is a discussion on History is repeating me thinks! within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; Here's a thought I want to throw out there and see what you think; When you think on this, think about Germany prior to WWI ...

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Thread: History is repeating me thinks!

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    History is repeating me thinks!

    Here's a thought I want to throw out there and see what you think;

    When you think on this, think about Germany prior to WWI & WWII.

    Ok, we are in the midst of a global pandemic started by a biological agent released by China! This is an ACT of War, not only towards the US, but every affected country in the world, BUT NOBODY IS UP IN ARMS, because the zipperheads hold the economy hostage, the WORLD economy!

    Now we see China is talking about fully taking over Taiwan, another Act of War, but the world will do nothing much like they did when Adolph annexed parts of Europe!

    Folks, these are the precursors to a Nation preparing for war. China is the enemy of the world, not Russia even though they are close seconds.

    Within the next year here is what will happen;

    1. China will get off free and clear from the act of committing worldwide biological warfare.
    2. Russia and China will embark in an even closer relationship since Russia controls most of Europe's gas and oil.
    3. China will attempt to take back Taiwan fully and the US and China will trade hostile fire during these tensions that
    will evolve in to war with China and Russia.
    4. Those countries in Europe that side with the US will lose gas and oil supplies and Russia will annex/invade them,
    starting with Germany and the atrocities they will commit will be biblical.

    If you look back to history, you will see this is how it began in WW II as well as other conflicts. Brothers and sister of the prepping community, prepare to defend yourselves!

    The next year may be the last year we know as things were!

    Just something to ponder!
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    Couple things to comment on.

    First: If the China (which many, many of the worlds biologist, epidemiologist, and researchers go to because of the lack of restrictions....even our own companies)... released this virus intentionally, then they suck at making viruses. It has only about a 0.015% rate of mortality and the majority of its victims are the elderly and immuno-compromised folks.
    Pragmatically speaking, thats less money needed to take care of the elderly IF the virus had run rampant without modern medical intervention.

    Now if we find later that another effect of the virus is that the world starts having no babies...or little Chinese babies, that loves them some communism...now that could be an issue.

    Second: Taiwan has been governed by China since the end of WW2. It was controlled by those dirty Japs before then....They have just been under extreme pressure from the international community to let Taiwan govern itself and become a thriving world hotspot of electronics and production....They have been slowly exercising their rule over a decade or more.
    Thats like "Turtle sex" slow for a such "sudden" move.

    Third: Every major economic country is dependent on the rest of the worlds money.....If China...crushed Europe or took it over....then they could probably not afford to replace the fuel in their tanks or buy or build many more missiles. The depression from an event like that would cause many tens of millions to die in China.

    Finally: If you want to look at what Conquering Europe really looks like. Then look no further than the European Union. Yep! Thats right.....those damn dirty Germans have actually conquered most of Europe. And didn't have to fire a shot.

    If you want to be afraid of something....be afraid of high blood pressure, stress, you'r physical state, and your mental state....These are things you can affect. Everything else is just going to make doing that harder for you.
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