Billy Zane has "Survivor Remorse" Over Covid 19

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Billy Zane has "Survivor Remorse" Over Covid 19

This is a discussion on Billy Zane has "Survivor Remorse" Over Covid 19 within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; Let me guess...he feels guilty over being white too??...

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Thread: Billy Zane has "Survivor Remorse" Over Covid 19

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    Billy Zane has "Survivor Remorse" Over Covid 19

    Let me guess...he feels guilty over being white too??
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    Poor guy. He survived and nobody noticed. Must be tough to be like everyone else.
    "Reality is almost always wrong."
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    This just pisses me right off. Survivors remorse? He's been sitting at home on a big fat bank account afforded to him from playing make believe while this nations economy was turned into the wall at 200mph over, basically, the flu.

    How about he cure his remorse by helping the families who were directly impacted by this farce. He's more than welcome to share some of his wealth with the guy whose factory was deemed "non essential".

    He moarns for the sake of virtue signaling and then later on in the story says he really misses "going to brunch". What kinda man gets excited about brunch?

    Get outta here with this guy.

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    I've never heard of the douchebag but I hate him already.
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    He is such a horse's ass.
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    Hey Billy

    Since you're a hollywierd nobody I'll correctly assume that you are a bit soft in the head? Its OK, we're here to help!

    Nobody should live with Survivor Guilt as you describe it, right? Or am I right?

    Anywhoo, I'l bet that 25 year old Lamborghini, or whatever it is you blew your earnings from the few movies that you did that were worth a shit, has a tailpipe correct?

    And I bet you have a garage? OK perfect. How about a garden hose? Hmmm, probably not so borrow a hose from a neighbor. Park the Lambo in garage, put hose in tailpipe of lambo and in passenger side window. Start Lambo and put on the soundtrack to Titanic...

    Now here comes the good part....get you some high dollar vodka, and grab all the pills that you have in your pill stash...take the pills, wash them down with the vodka, sit in the running lambo in the garage with garage door shut. Close your eyes and sing along with Celine Dion! Buh buy, no more survivor guilt...

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    A part of my PTSD is survivor guilt.
    That douche bag has absolutely no stinkin' idea what that is.

    And I didn't get mine from missing brunch.

    What a sissy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Inor View Post
    I've never heard of the douchebag but I hate him already.
    He played the light in the loafers actor in Tombstone.
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    Who ?
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