Thank you everyone for the reassurance and congratulations. My wife is certainly a trooper, it's kinda hard to imagine that a 5' nothing formerly 100lb little thing could be carrying such a payload. All of the dogs seem to be enjoying their new friends. My Boerboel learned to come wake me up before they even make a sound. If only the 160lb lunkhead didn't come put a paw on my throat to wake me we'd be in the clear. But it works out so I'm in there before the baby monitor can wake my wife or one can wake his brother. Seems like at least two dogs are next to them at all times.

Kind of getting used to this half sleep deal, guess when I was a driller working 16-18 hours a day I'm used to the sleep deprivation. At least now I get a few light naps in throughout the day. Makes the wife happy too that she can sleep through the night. Happy and healthy family let's a fellar sleep good at night.