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How Seriously Are Fellow Preppers Taking This Coronavirus in North America?

This is a discussion on How Seriously Are Fellow Preppers Taking This Coronavirus in North America? within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; Originally Posted by BamaDOC @ prepster5 thank you for the feedback I spoke with my parents and wife again... they neither want to talk about ...

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Thread: How Seriously Are Fellow Preppers Taking This Coronavirus in North America?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BamaDOC View Post

    thank you for the feedback
    I spoke with my parents and wife again...
    they neither want to talk about it.. or want to think about it...
    agreed head in the sand..

    fyi.. the CDC just announced an hour ago .. that it is inevitable that the WuhanCorona virus will outbreak in the usa.
    The CDC's plan is not prevention, but to slow the transmission and minimize the number effected...

    I think the hope is that with warmer weather ie spring summer.. coronaviruses tend to spread less... and the outbreak will burn out.
    also the hope is that there will be a vaccine in 2021... and natural immunity to the virus will build over the next few years...

    I will just keep stocking on supplies so we can keep our trips to the grocery store and target to a minimum...
    our hope is to minimize contact with the general public
    CDC plan is pocket lots of cash off of it. Twist it to a political agenda Little else.
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    New life as a house husband, major shift in duties.

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    After reading this Obama said I am on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BamaDOC View Post
    any advice from the community for dealing with wife.. family who think that your prepper planning is paranoid and crazy?

    My wife started commentating that she was sick of my newfound recent obsession of reading news, and webpages on prepping.
    I spoke to my parents and siblings to start purchasing dry goods, food, sanitizer, mask, tp, bleach etc...
    they all said I'm crazy.

    I dont speak about it to anyone at work other than a few military friends who are similarly preparing.
    too many folks get upset and say they dont want to think about it...
    or they just seem to humor me and change the subject...

    Im just quietly purchasing goods and storing them... but the wife is adamant about not bringing a firearm into the house.

    Wives can be a difficult thing, in more ways then one I am sure you aware. Mine was not totally on board with my getting us prepared. She thought it was overkill and a waste of time. But then when hurricane Harvey came through here, she was pretty happy that she had power, food, and water, and didn't have to roll around in the Wally World food isle with some stupid bitch for the last can of okra.

    Neither did she have to worry when they started looting shortly after the storm moved off. She doesn't necessarily like to see the guns, but she was happy they were here. When she saw the looting on the news she asked if the gun safe was open. She is not a gun person per say, although she has hunted before and has her own rifle and personal protection pistol. I accommodate her by not leaving guns out in the open. Trust me, they are there, they just can't be seen. The only place she knows she will see guns out in the open is my study where one of my several gun safes resides with my main go to weapons. Otherwise, out of sight, out of mind.

    Here is the hard truth of the matter. When it goes sideways, and it will, all your prep's will mean nothing if you don't have the means to protect it. When shit hit's the proverbial fan blade, it will get mean and ugly real fast. You feel safe where you are now, but when it goes bad, bad shit will come looking for you and yours. Shore up your odds, start with a good shotgun and a good high capacity pistol. work from there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slippy View Post

    I can help but it will not be easy.

    First; Stop using the term "Prepper" especially around other people.

    You are doing the right thing by not talking to others about your plans and simply going about getting prepared. Good job!
    Right there is the BEST advice you will get on this board!

    Thanks to the media, the term "prepper" has become synonymous with "crazy survivalist". I do not call myself a prepper. I prefer to think of myself as more of "an extreme do-it-yourselfer". I do not "prepare for an emergency". Rather, Mrs Inor and I take our self-sufficiency seriously. That includes self-sufficiency in regards to our personal security as well.
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    I suspect you have never taken your wife to a Gun Range or more importantly participated with her in a Firearm Safety Course?

    Now understand this, NOT ALL PEOPLE should own guns. Matter of fact I am a staunch proponent of many people NOT owning guns because they are simply too stupid and mentally uncoordinated (HA! I just discovered a new disease! ) to be able to responsibly be a firearm owner.

    BUT...if your wife is simply uneducated and ignorant of the facts of Firearms, take her on a "date" to a local gun range and sign up for a Gun Safety Course etc. Learning about "scary" guns is often the first step for many people.

    Just an idea.

    (And firing a high powered semi auto rifle is pretty dang empowering for most women)
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    I'm very concerned. The house is plenty stocked, but hubs will be working in NYC indefinitely and he wants to commute by train. Ugh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prepster5 View Post
    What have you done to prep for this, if anything?
    Like any other learned and practiced talent, the individuals form a pyramid.

    For example, if you had 100 guys and made that pyramid, the guy at the top and the two Padawan learners holding him up would be sincere experts. Twenty or thirty guys would read a few treatises, and the remaining 50% all feel they know it all right now!

    Every wonder why some explosive 'experts' are missing a finger or two? It's because they lulled themselves into thinking they were experts...
    ...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...

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    I'm sorry, I just emerged from the bunker and had to take my mopp suit and mask off. No, seriously, I am concerned to be sure. Fortunately we can drop off grid in short order and be fine......for a while.
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    This just tells me it’s here for sure.

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    SGG is online now
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    Free service provided on the cruise ships
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    That’ll help bide the time 😂👌🏻


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