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I wonder if it will survive, or if it will roll over and play dead?
As of now it is my turn to leave the stage. I did my best to teach guys how to polish steel and had some of them over to my home to learn the craft--even one female.

Now in a few months I will turn 70 years of age--despite having all my hair and looking like I was in my early fifties. Even I'm amazed. However, sooner or later all the knowledge that you have accumulated by the obvious blood, sweat and tears will show up in a dusty old history book, that (*sigh*) has already been taken out of the kids' hands because our knowledge is now "obsolete."

I am reminded of this when watching an old 'Twilight Zone' episode entitled, "The Obsolete Man," starring Burgess Meredith--who you might know better from his portrayal as 'The Penguin" in the old Batman TV series. I won't spoil the ending for you kids.

In fact, I personally am obsolete since I am a knife sharpener. Why should I be paid to fix your knife when just about everyone--pro or newbie--can buy knives that come with five or more snap-in replacement blades. I am told that polishing a blade manually might produce the sharpest knife ever seen. But fewer and fewer folks even care. My guess is that one day professional chefs will purchase disposable edges for their knives, and after a short adjustment period, be carving dinners for patrons using only cheap replacement parts.

Before you laugh, consider my old 5.0 Mustang--beautiful thing in black with a high polish looking like it just rolled out of a 'Mad Max' movie. I took it in for a tune up one day and expected a mechanic to do most of the work using only his knowledge and experience.

The laugh was on me! He plugged my Mustang into a computer, and numeric error messages told him what to fix...