China's plan to run the world.

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China's plan to run the world.

This is a discussion on China's plan to run the world. within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; Thought I'd start a new thread on this subject. This article is from 2017 but does a good job of explaining the plan, IMHO. I ...

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Thread: China's plan to run the world.

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    China's plan to run the world.

    Thought I'd start a new thread on this subject. This article is from 2017 but does a good job of explaining the plan, IMHO.

    I truly believe that China doesn't really care about Trump and any trade agreement. Sure in the short term it will impact them. However the plan is to take over world trade and monetary institutions. The US is just a bump in the road that needs to be smoothed out. Now that they are teaming up with Russia how long will it be?
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    When I was a boy recovering from puberty I was intensely infatuated with asian gals, Japanese especially.
    My dad counseled me if I intended towards the asian persuasion that I should marry a Chinese because he said, one day they will rule the world. And that was in the mid-70's. How's that for insight!? But alas, I married whitey.
    I suppose I will have to suffer the consequences for my lack of follow-through.
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    You're right, China cares not one crap about what we in the US do. Which is why we need to remove ourselves as the c.c.c.c..."cash cow of chicom crap".

    Unless we are able to produce all of products that we currently get from China, when China does rule most of the world, we will be at their mercy.

    Cut China off immediately and tariff the hell out of them now, before its too late.
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    I once received a free hand held dynamo flashlight from a vendor, $10.99 value, could have bought 10,000 at a penny piece to the US. Might take a while but I would have got my money back. I worked for a guy whose favorite saying was, " the quality will remain long after the price is forgotten". If China thinks we cannot do without their trinkets they are in for a big surprise. As far as consumers, we are the big dog on the porch!
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    As I have said before, China has a plan.
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