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I've been plowing through the miasma of internet drivel from the usual sources. Checking one against the other, cross checking, looking for collaboration on plausible information... most of you know the routine....

Near as I can tell, Pro-Gun-Control is going to push for a national mental health check with any indication of mood-related treatment (including pharmaceuticals) resulting in a DENY for gun purchase. Its about 30/70 for this check being conducted by the existing NICS frameworks, or an entirely new department to check for the mental health side.

The challenge of integration is that those sweater and sneaker wearing little 'ol ladies that are running the NICS checks currently have absolutely zero credentials for spotting show-stopping medical circumstance. They would most certainly be made to error on the side of caution - "If you can't pronounce the drug, it's a deny"

Here's another angle I haven't seen discussed - What if we (gun owners) aren't the target at all? What if this entire facet of the anti-gun movement is aimed at the next generation? Consider how many school children are on prescription drugs in lieu of home training and discipline? Nearly the entirety of the next generation will be denied the right of gun ownership before they even knew they had the right. It's the long game, but the end result will be complete subjugation in a single generation.
Couple that with the increase in school shootings and it would make sense that the target is the younger generation. Look at how many of the younger generation are clamoring for tighter gun regulations up to and including repealing the 2nd. The powers that be know it would be too much of a fight to disarm the older crowd but groom the young ones to fear and hate guns. Add in that so many of our kids these days are dependent on Big Pharma cocktails and wouldn't be allowed to own them if they get these new laws through. I never thought about it that way but it makes perfect sense.