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One group loves to point at the worst representation of other groups while ignoring the worst representations of its own group. That's just human nature. I get that. What I can't understand is unbridled hatred for another human simply because of their color.
Its a puzzler. As a wise old cowoby philospher said many years ago, "Son..you will meet white folks who claim to hate black folks..but rest assured they hate us worse than we could ever hate them." Made sense to me. They are still mad over the slavery thing. They should be thankful great great grandpa and granny got a free ride out of that hell hole where they lived and be glad to have got sent here as opposed to Brazil. Black slavery was burtally horrible and lasted much longer than here. It was cheaper to starve em and work em to death and go buy new ones..than it was to feed the ones they had. Jesus can sort it out when He comes back.