My Best friend leaves

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My Best friend leaves

This is a discussion on My Best friend leaves within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; There are 2 guys that I have developed true (show up with bail money or a gun) friendships with. 1 from the Marine Corps and ...

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Thread: My Best friend leaves

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    My Best friend leaves

    There are 2 guys that I have developed true (show up with bail money or a gun) friendships with. 1 from the Marine Corps and 1 from church.

    My friend from church who has been pastoring a congregation here for 10 years left yesterday (with his wife) to move closer to his son in idaho.

    I have seen lots of folks come and go in my life, but it was hard..and I mean hard to say good bye

    I think guys develop fewer close relationships (at least I do) so it is hard to see a friend leave.. it is not often that we find and become so close to another person that you know they would show up with guns blazing or empty a bank account if needed.
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    At least you can go visit. Nothing wrong with a road trip to ID, maybe a stop in Sturgis along the way if that's your thing.

    Couple of my best buddies died early. One at 20 just out of school in the Marines. Other at 40, just dropped dead. Haven't been able to meet anyone that will fill their shoes yet. Been 15 years and as time flies by I doubt I'll meet another.
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    I vote Road Trip to Idaho this summer! A full day on a river in the mountains in the summer is hard to beat!
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    Never had that good of a friend. I dont make friends easy or play well with others. Or so the second grade school teacher wrote of my report card. Aint found much evidence over the years to support her not being right about that.

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    Gives a great excuse to travel a lot. You could both agree to meet up in a new place each year for a vacation.

    I have moved around so much my whole life I am used to saying good bye. It is very tough with a couple friends. The end of high school was very tough as it was over seas and I knew I’d never see some friends again. I see my 2 best oldest friends every 2 to 4 years. One lives in the Netherlands and the other in Texas.

    Use FaceTime. I keep up with them by that app.
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    It is hard. I have to use Facebook to keep track of some friends and as much as I hate fakebook I’d hate not seeing stories about their grand kids, dogs, and boats of course.
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    Road trip!!!!!!!!!!
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    You have truly been blessed to have two friends like that. Most do not even get one.
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    I have had few I would call true friends I could trust in my life, bring your gun type friends anyways, and those who I did, are long gone. These days I have acquaintances at best. I am not a trusting man, never have been, and I am fine with that. Less complicated.

    My only true friend now a days is my wife. She would bring her gun, and she has said she would get my ass out of jail. But I am not so sure she would use the gun to defend me against my enemies, or just as soon use it on me, and she may use the bail money to change the locks on the house
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    I can relate, my best bud of my life passed last July, we knew each other for 42 years. Lend each other thousands and always got paid back with interest. I wept when he passed. May sound pitiful to say, but felt worse when he passed than some relatives. I tear up thinking of him now. Where and how much time does it take to find such friends?
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