Realizations.. maybe a rant

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Realizations.. maybe a rant

This is a discussion on Realizations.. maybe a rant within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; I’ve spent 50+ years of my life preparing. I’m beginning to realize that what I’ve been prepping for, may well not take place until after ...

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Thread: Realizations.. maybe a rant

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    Realizations.. maybe a rant

    I’ve spent 50+ years of my life preparing. I’m beginning to realize that what I’ve been prepping for, may well not take place until after I’ve left this very broken world. In a way, that saddens me because some of my children, neighbors and many friends just don’t get it. Some of my preparation has been silently on their behalf… expecting that I would be here when sh-t went down… to work, provide, instruct and protect. Now, I think that at some point people are going to rummage through my gathered worldly possessions and book shelves, and think, “what a crazy old bastard he was.”

    The material things will survive and hopefully eventually end up in the hands of people who appreciate and know how to use them, but the knowledge and skills I’ve worked decades to accumulate and refine will have been a complete loss.

    I’ve offered to apprentice various young people in blacksmith and iron work, but as soon as they realize that there’s hours, days and months of heat, sweat, a little pain, trial and error involved, and that they can’t make an awesome fantasy sword in half an hour, (in spite of the fact that they have no skills or muscle mass), they act like their being scammed into doing real work… can’t have that.

    I don’t know where this rant belongs, but I coming to the belief that the world and the new generation as we’re seeing it rapidly evolve, deserves the grief it’s about to endure. My heart goes out to the few young ones that get it… that understand the horrific wave that’s about to hit shore. At this stage of my life I wish I could do a brain dump to those blessed and cursed few. I'd willing donate my hands, my eye, my gut, my heart to needy recipients. My hope is that some will see the tracks that I’ve left in the sand and follow before all trace is gone with the high tide.

    Time for another beer……
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    Thanks for that post, it really hits home for me. I too have reached a point in life whereas I am crossing over from provider/patriarch to soon maybe just a burden. My kids are smart and never thought me crazy thankfully, so they know WHY we have food, guns, ammo , gold, silver... and where all of that is stashed. Even if the world straightens out, can't go wrong giving your kids a pile of PM's LOL! Nobody ever seems to complain.
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    It troubled me years back that since I had no children the belongings I’ve accumulated will have no homes. Well my siblings produced a lot of nephews and nieces and I read @pakrat rant and thought about how one just wants my sister to die already so he won’t have rent or a house payment, one bankrupted another sister with multi dui’s and a civil judgement against him and she passed early due to high blood pressure and heart issues. Then there are others doing pretty well and will be deserving of what ever I leave behind. God is the ultimate judge but 8 get a smile out of knowing I’ve gotten to reward the righteous and deny the dipshits.
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    Brother, you sound like an old man. I relate.

    Your skills are very important but they are so lost on the youth.

    I have a friend that is a few years older than I am (I am 55). About 15 years ago he bought 27 acres and has turned it into a "hobby farm/ranch." From sheep to gardens to mushrooms to fish in his pond, he has learned to need little from the store. He's worked as hard as anyone I know. Do you think his children or their spouses seem to care? Not to worry; the grandkids do.

    Look to the youth who are within your reach.
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    I say do not throw in the towel @pakrat There will always be someone interested. It just takes the right person. Plus if you enjoy it, just do it.
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    The last thing I'd call you is crazy; it sounds like you have a lot of common sense. Don't give into that kind of despair. Nothing you've done has been wasted. Even if you've acquired some skills that won't get used post shtf-and that's still a big "if"--it sounds like you've acquired them with the intent of sharing with others and that my friend is very good and pleasing to God... If I miss out on the end of the world as we know it, I won't complain. Because it's likely gonna be horrific. The world is long overdue for some very hard and ugly times. But I doubt I'll miss it. Things have been really ramping up I'd say since about 2008 or so. I'm no prophet but don't think we have much more time left.
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    I take a little different view of my preps. I look at them as insurance, insurance that needs to be renewed occasionally, like buying fire insurance for your home. I hope the insurance is never needed but I still renew my insurance and practice my skills.

    I tell my family that I pray that the preps (and home insurance) will never be needed and that some day when I pass they will be stuck with cases of seriously out of date food, how to fix things books, and old tools. Lord knows I don't want my family going through a serious SHTF time.

    Yes, much of the knowledge in my head will be gone, but those skills will still exist in others. While I wish some members of my family would show more interest in learning some of my skills I understand they need to live their own lives. I certainty wish I had shown more interest in some of my father's knowledge when he was still able to teach me. But after he passed I began to learn skills he had shown an interest in, salt curing and smoking meat, how to run a still, ways to start a fire, kind of as a tribute to him.

    Years after his death I suspect that in many areas I've surpassed him in many skills. And I hope that over the years my kids will surpass my abilities to survive.
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    @pakrat, I'm also in the cutlery business, primarily as a polisher, but I also sell (and give knives away), and have been doing so for roughly 20 years. I cannot find an apprentice either. Not only that, but the four other people I know who loved polishing have either had financial problems, retired completely or simply fallen off the grid. If I can get the final batch of knives out, I'll going to retire at the end of January.

    I never kept a "bucket list." If I wanted something, I chased it down. I want to do something spiritual, like starting a men's group for those who suffer from anxiety. Right now it's day by day.
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    Life is cyclical. After todays generation lives through it they will have kids who will have it easy and not be ready or prepared for what will hit them. Generations sometimes have to learn on their own.
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    I don't know where you live, pakrat, but out in the Heartland are many, many kids that would restore your faith in the younger generations.
    Where we live, those kids are found in 4H, FFA, high school rodeo, Boy Scouts, Junior ROTC.
    And there are a LOT of them. They vastly outnumber the little sissy kids.

    Get out and volunteer.
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