Know About Pitless Adapters

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Know About Pitless Adapters

This is a discussion on Know About Pitless Adapters within the General Prepper and Survival Talk forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; Knowing about pitless adapters could well save your life during a crisis, if you live in the country or plan to bug out there. Many, ...

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Thread: Know About Pitless Adapters

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    Know About Pitless Adapters

    Knowing about pitless adapters could well save your life during a crisis, if you live in the country or plan to bug out there. Many, if not the vast majority of rural homes & farms get their water from a well, which is nothing more than a pipe in the ground with a submersible pump sitting under the water. This all works fine as long as you have electricity but what happens when there is none... and won't be for weeks if ever? I live on a farmstead, with a well, & have plans to get to that water during such a crisis. Sure I have my personal water filtration devices but for me that is short term. Why use such when water is so close by... if you know how & are prepared to get to it?

    So this submersible pump hangs in the well from the pitless adapter, which is a two part device (male & female). One part stays in the well casing & the other part is what the well drop pipe attaches to. This device is what keeps the water from freezing in the winter as it redirects the water 90 degrees, so that the water stays underground, below the frost line for the area. The top of the adapter has female threads, used to pull the pump & attached riser pipe out of the well. DIY folks, like me make a simple tool that allows you to attach to the pitless adapter & pull everything up. Mine is a T made from 3/4" threaded metal pipe, which anyone can buy the sections in a hardware store. You simply need two short pieces for the handle, a threaded T & a longer piece of threaded pipe to reach the pitless adapter, which will be maybe 2-3' down inside the well casing... deeper the further north you live. From what I understand, most pitless adapters accept 1" NPT thread, so I have a series of adapters to go on the end of my 3/4" pipe. I have 3/4" - 1", 1" - 1 1/4" and 1/1/4" - 1 1/2" just to be safe. All these piece screw together to make the T so obviously can be taken apart & not take up much space.

    I've never done this before but from what I understand a strong man can pull the pump by himself if it is not real deep, otherwise you will need help and/or some lifting device such as a block & tackle. Once the pump & pipe is out of the way, you now have access to the water & just need rope & a device to get the water out. You can make your own or purchase something commercially. I use the Well Waterboy bucket. I'm sure anyone could rig up some container to get to the water, just might take some engineering to figure it out.

    I certainly don't claim to be an expert & what I know I've learned from studying. If I've stated anything incorrectly please let me know. In my case, I have gone to the next level & also have a spare well pump on the shelf of my barn & it can be run directly from solar panels. Water is that important for me. And even if I didn't live in the country but planned on leaving the city during a crisis, this tool & know how would be very important as well, IMO. Maybe these pics will help.

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