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Would you do it?

This is a discussion on Would you do it? within the General Prepper and Survival Talk forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; all well and good talking about deserving veterans needing a helping hand - but we're talking about Portland here - Liberal USA - what are ...

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Thread: Would you do it?

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    all well and good talking about deserving veterans needing a helping hand - but we're talking about Portland here - Liberal USA - what are the chances these toolshed homeless would be anything but drugged out street POS .... the homeless involved in this program would be the anti-society types that won't live by any rules and listen to any direction - otherwise they'd be in a shelter already .... just what every neighborhood needs
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    I would do it. I have hosted several veterans the last 15 years in a camper that I have set up on my farm from a few days to a couple months. I loaned it to a family in 2005 for a couple years so they could rebuild the house they lost in Katrina.

    I frequently have house guest and almost always have someone staying with us. When I lived in Panama I had a son of a serviceman stay and go to college in Panama living with us for two years. A girl friend of a daughter finished her senior year of high school with us in Indianapolis then came back that fall and lived with us her freshman year of college had we not have had to transfer she would have staid her full four years. She and the daughter remained housemates till graduation.

    The Folks I have had were not criminals or bad people , several of the older vets had some issues with alcohol but not sever . Just needed a dry place to sleep, some good meals and a chance to dry out. They have all been people we knew or were friends of friends.

    I built 3 bedrooms more than I need and and got a new camper for just that purpose. I have considered building several of these small homes on my property myself but for now do not seem to need them when a lot of family come it is usually in summer and they bring campers or tents to sleep in so with what I have we have comfortably had 45 people stay for a week.

    Older brother is retiring this summer and is starting to talk about setting a camper here full time or building a home. Don't know yet if it is just talk or if he is serious hope he is serious. I see no downside to building a community - did I mention brothers wife is a nurse practitioner and most of my veteran friends are combat medics.

    The program in the article might have a downside if the person or persons you get turns out to be a problem for you . I think the odds are small but if you have approval I would do it. I would consider building a small home on my own even if it was not in this program that way you control who stays there.
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    Where you least expect it.
    Those that suggested this should be required to participate.
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    I try not to make plans much. The word 'premeditated' would get tossed around in court.
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    Just a summary that in the article there was no requirement that the homeless would or would not be a veteran. It could be anyone deemed homeless. My guess once the shanty is erected, local government could insert anyone but I do not know that for certain.
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    So allowing this will require variances to zoning laws. Now if you get the idea of doing something in your back yard you have a case to take them to court.
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    After reading this Obama said I am on it.


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