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fish tanks for water storage?

This is a discussion on fish tanks for water storage? within the General Prepper and Survival Talk forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; I have a few tanks going. It can't hurt. Boil it of course before you drink it....

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Thread: fish tanks for water storage?

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    I have a few tanks going. It can't hurt. Boil it of course before you drink it.

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    Big time Aquarium keeper here as well. While the water is relatively "clean", I wouldnt use it with out first boiling it or using a filtration system before drinking. Just because the water may be Gin clear doesnt make it potable. It does however make for a great way to keep water on hand in large quantities without making yourself look like a doomsday prepper in the process...stealth water storage if you will. For example the 300 gallon FW tank in my living room makes for a nice decorative center piece and focal point in my home, but with 300 gallons of water in the main tank and another 140 in the refugium/sump...Im set for a few weeks on water supply while everyone else is sucking big time. Think about that for a few minutes...who would have thought something thats a innocent hobby could actually serve as a prep too!
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    I'm pretty sure it is best to store water in larger containers that are not see through? Like others have said there will be a lot of bacteria, ammonia, pollution in a fish tank so I'd only do so in extreme circumstances and I'd want to filter it A LOT and probably boil it as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickkyw1720pf View Post
    Filtering the water then boiling the crap out of it maybe ok. But it would be like eating a salad after seeing a dead fly in it.

    I just bit the bullet and bought 4 new 55 gal. drums from EMERGENCY ESSENTIALS $75.95 per drum but they only charged $12.00 shipping for all four. I had a couple of 30 gal drums that I cleaned out but I feel a lot more comfortable with new drums made for water storage. Seemed like a fair deal but I didn't search the internet for a long time, most places wanted a lot for shipping.
    Water Barrel - 55 Gallon Drum - Water Storage - Water
    I've been looking at buying some blue barrels. I have plenty 6 gal water jugs and they are great for carrying water, they have handles and are not too heavy when filled. They add to clutter and while I do want to keep a few around, too many can be a headache.

    Another item I'm looking into is the bathtub bladders. As a temporary and inexpensive solution to boost water storage. They stow away compactly and provided they could be filled before loosing tap water could considerably boost ones emergency water supply.. I wouldn't count on them past one or two fills, yet in a pinch they could provide quite a bit of extra potable water on short notice...
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    I once spotted a free standing bladder used by RVers to bring water into a dry camping area (no water, electricity). I found at a Discount store, an inflatable air mattress, the kind you use for guests when the hoard descends on your house for the holidays. It was very HD. For years I used it to bring water to my RV. To clean it, I set it out on the driveway, added 2 qts bleach and filled it with water and let it sit for a week. The only mods I made to it was the addition of a 3/4 inch water valve and a garden hose adapter on the valve.
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    My plan...since I don't have an
    Is to store potable water and also have the means to quicky increase that supply. I do like the air mattress idea, yet am inclined to prep foodgrade. Though in a pinch that would work...


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