A Question About Water Storage

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A Question About Water Storage

This is a discussion on A Question About Water Storage within the General Prepper and Survival Talk forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; I Wanted to bring up an idea I have been thinking about and get some pros and cons I may have not thought of. I ...

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    A Question About Water Storage

    I Wanted to bring up an idea I have been thinking about and get some pros and cons I may have not thought of. I get public water (city water, as we call it) as I expect most of you do. Its always a thought that something goes wrong, loss of electricity, plant blows up.....who knows?, whereas the water stops flowing. I know most store water, which I guess is the best plan, but then there are hassles to that. getting the containers, treating the water, taking up space storing the containers.... anyway here is what I have been thinking.
    To buy a large (2,500 gal. or more) drinking water tank, build a small tower (just get it higher than the house) run the city water supply into the top, and at the bottom to our home. My thoughts are you would be always using this water as to keep it fresh, and if something goes amiss and the public water quits flowing you would still have a supply of water to live on until, hopefully, the problem is repaired. I know, like everything else this doesn't cover everything that could happen, someone(s) poison the public water supply you're screwed along with everyone else.
    But anyway, Whats your thoughts? would this be worth doing? How long after the water supply gets shut off before the tank would have to be treated? Would the tank become nasty and need cleaning from time to time? I don't know, but if there is anything I am not thinking of, I'd love to hear it. Thanks -dave-

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    Some what the same as we will run our showers and bath rooms . We will pump our well water to smaller tanks above the roof line.
    Water kept from sun light keeps better. and black tanks make warmer water.
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    I think you need to get a more reliable water source, if SHTF and the water doesn't come back on soon, you are just delaying your death from thirst if you cannot renew your supply.

    For the $2000 + dollars it would take you to install your system you could probably drill a well and put a hand pump on it. There are some small civilian drilling rigs that go down to 100 feet or more.

    Also other problems with your plan
    Your tap water would be warm much of the year, yuck
    Does it freeze there?
    City ordinance against building structures like that?
    When others run out of water your obvious storage tank will attract attention.
    Algae growth
    Suceptibility to damage from bullets, weather.
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    Here is a potential solution for you to consider. I would recommend you store it in your garage or other building to keep it out of sight and avoid damage, theft, vandalism, freezing, etc. It is designed to store drinking (potable) water, you could keep it empty until needed, and fill it with a drinking water safe (white) hose during emergency situations, and tap it for gravity feed of water. Affordable, no special construction needed, and would provide long-term drinking water storage if needed. They have bigger and smaller models as well....

    Leg Style Storage Tank, 525 gal. - Tractor Supply Online Store



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