Ccanary Island tsunami threat

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Ccanary Island tsunami threat

This is a discussion on Ccanary Island tsunami threat within the General Prepper and Survival Talk forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; Whats the real possiblity of this threat? Is it overhyped that a tsunami can reach the east coast at 500mph and as high as (Trying ...

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    Ccanary Island tsunami threat

    Whats the real possiblity of this threat? Is it overhyped that a tsunami can reach the east coast at 500mph and as high as (Trying to remember the size), 2000 feet if the volcanos collapse the island creating the tsunami? To me, I think the wave would disperse and not even reach the east coast.

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    At 500 mph even at 100ft hight there'd be a million or more dead. I'm sure some of the liberally managed
    cities would leave school buses of people behind - like thats' never happened.

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    they are predicting a wave of "several hundred meters." There is NO chance of surviving that on long island or anywhere near the coast. How far west can you drive in about 6 hours? That is about all the notice you will get and if you are on long island, forget it. There is no evacuation plan for that event and people would lose their mind trying to get out of here. Safety would be only a few hours upstate NY but trying to get there would be impossible.
    If I had a boat, which I don't, I would head out into the atlantic as fast as I could, hoping that the wave would pass right under my boat (that I don't have) and I could survive. Anyone need a co-Captain? lol

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    Risk=likelihood + impact.

    Yeah, impact would be huge but likelihood is extremely small so risk is low. Over Geological time you have more chance if being hit by lightening.
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    I was watching an episode on N-Geo? Last year or so about it.
    They were showing proof on both sides of the theory.
    Mainly the volcano will split apart at some time in the near/ distant future.
    Also a truck size boulder placed on top of a HUGE cliff in south america, was claimed to be from a similar event a few hundred years ago.



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