Blacksmithing Advice Needed

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Blacksmithing Advice Needed

This is a discussion on Blacksmithing Advice Needed within the General Prepper and Survival Talk forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; Just looking for a little "feedback" from some of you thinkers out there. I got most of the stuff together to make a small forge, ...

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    Blacksmithing Advice Needed

    Just looking for a little "feedback" from some of you thinkers out there.

    I got most of the stuff together to make a small forge, . . . gonna do some really basic blacksmithing this spring and summer, . . .

    I'm thinking in terms of SHTF, . . . a blacksmith's services could be well in demand.

    BUT, . . . beyond farrier work, . . . knives, axes, froes, hawks and the such, . . . I'm running up against a wall trying to come up with "ideas" to learn how to make, . . . JIC.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions you might have, . . .

    And, . . . just to share a little thought, . . . I bought a forge fan out of New England, . . . it's older that me I am sure, . . . cranked the handle with it in a vise, . . . hadn't heard that sound for something near 60 years, . . . last time was in the blacksmith shop of my grandfather Webb, . . . and it was a fun moment.

    Anyway, may God bless,

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    I would buy a spearhead if you made one and offered it for sale. Mount it up on an ash handle. You could design one for throwing, and one for spiking. Like a lance or pike, so to speak.

    A forged flounder gig would also be a great idea, if you ask me. I like to snorkel fish and gig for flounder in the summer season - fresh fried flounder is one of nature's delicacies, in my book.

    Custom knives with high strength steel would be a best seller, if you are looking for a business idea.

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    You are right in a Blacksmiths skill being of value. We have one in our group he has doe it on the side for 30 years he is also one that like to do it the hard way all old stuff.
    You going to need some education in hardening metals, adding carbon to steel ect.
    Learn riveting also it can be a great skill in repairing items.
    A small section of rail road track make a great home made anvil
    You may find this a good read
    Blacksmithing 101: How to Make a Forge and Start Hammering Metal - Popular Mechanics
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    learn to make hinges and hammer out cooking pots or pans and you'll always have work.
    Always remember- there's a wealth around you

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    That's a great article and the forge looks like it would work great. I made do with a fire pit and a leaf blower about 5 feet away to heat metal for knife making. Not sure how it would work with high carbon tool steel but it worked pretty well for my purpose. I'm in the process of making my second knife now, a forge would definitely make the process easier. Blacksmithing would be a very useful skill in a SHTF situation, being able to make your own tools would be very handy. Not sure where you'd get the raw materials in that situation but if you had the materials on hand your services might become very much in demand.




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