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Do you think you could survive in the deep woods with no outside supply for long?

This is a discussion on Do you think you could survive in the deep woods with no outside supply for long? within the General Prepper and Survival Talk forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; Originally Posted by Montana Rancher And you would be dying from scurvey in 3 months, it's hard to chew squirrel when your teeth fall out. ...

Poll: Can you survive in the deep woods?

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Thread: Do you think you could survive in the deep woods with no outside supply for long?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Montana Rancher View Post
    And you would be dying from scurvey in 3 months, it's hard to chew squirrel when your teeth fall out. A meat only diet is never a solution for subsistence, without vegetables or fruit you will die a painful death from malnutrition.
    One reason to have multivitamins. Walmart sells them in bottles of 300 so by taking just a half a table a day would give you the vitamins you need daily for over 1 1/2 years so there is no reason for anyone to not have them in their supplies, because you may not know if you are getting the vitamins you need. In a TEOTWAYKI (step above SHTF) most nourishment would probably come for plants more than animals.

    Edit: Vitamins is something that people take for granted because a lot of our food is fortified with vitamins and it is very rare anyone ever has a deficiency.
    Britains were called limeys because of the Royal Navy's practice since the beginning of the 19th century of adding lemon juice or lime juice to the sailors' daily ration of watered-down rum (known as grog), in order to prevent scurvy.
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    I grew up hunting and fishing all the time. My father insisted that we all knew how to find food, make fire and survive in the woods.

    Most people just need the confidence and familiarity with being in the woods.

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    The OP question was "without outside supply.". That would eliminate things like bullets or vitamins.

    Yes, for a time, with length of time dictated by when one started the process. February in Wisconsin? Probably a day or less. Now seeing the effects on the animal world from our winter season and they are a million times more well equipped than we. If one could start now and prepare for winter then chances would be much better, even potentially favorable for long-term life.
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    Being in Tennessee I am sure I could build adequate shelter, keep warm in the winter and stay hydrated, clean and fed. The problem with our hardwood/deciduous forest is that the understory is comprised of plants that may be edible, but are mostly cathartic and give you the runs. There are few edible mushrooms and unless you are damned sure you should avoid them altogether. I can noodle for catfish, snare bunnies, make pits for deer and propagate with my wife to re-populate the woods. My only issue would be locating edible plants.

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    People lived on farms or small communities for thousands of years and did alright, so there's no mystery about it and i'm sure we could muddle through.
    I mean, we'd simply plant seeds and harvest the crops with enough surplus to see us through the winter, and we could go out in the woods to kill bunnies and things; rivers and lakes would provide water and fish, and if we were near a seashore we could get cockles and mussels from rock pools.
    All we'd need is a plot of land like this and we'd be laughing. The coils of barbed wire round the house is to keep zombs from coming up and peering through the windows-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Montana Rancher View Post
    Alone in the wilderness it would be pretty easy, in competition with 350 million it will be very tough. The native Americans had the advantage of a much smaller population competing for the limited resources a hunter/gather society requires.

    I Imagine the woods will be crawling with starving mountain men wannabes and it will not be a safe place to live let alone survive.
    And the mountain man wannabes, IF they were able to actually kill edible animals would no doubt waste most of it through ignorance.
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    Statistically seasoned mountain men live to be an average of 34 - 36 years old if they try to do it alone and by themselves, due to the hardship and strain it puts on both the mind and body. We are by design a social creature, designed to collaborate and work together.

    No man is an island.
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    Survive...sure...but it wouldn't be pretty.


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