Most of our stores are geared for long term so we don't rotate through them. They are there in case we need them. Most are things that we don't normally eat but that we know how to prepare and have no problem eating. Some more perishable items like peanut butter and mayonnaise we do rotate through.
Though we store canned goods we typically don't eat out of cans and try to eat fresh and local as much as possible. That doesn't really lend itself to long-term storage. We don't have time right now for canning local stuff.
Same with meats. We eat fresh or frozen local meats. Again, without canning ourselves, no great way to preserve for long-term. So we stock canned meats; fish, chicken, beef, pork. No problems with eating them at all, just not something we generally eat day to day but they have a great shelf life. Set and forget until we need them.