Newbie to this forum. We have been prepping for a few years. We now have a years worth of food, we know how to prepare that food, we have several different methods of cooking the food. We have grown a garden, we have raised chickens, I have organic seeds saved and a nice library to support future learning. We have increased our skills - I can pressure can, bake from wheat and cook over fire. We have an assortment of firearms and ammo. We have moved to a home on acreage with water coming from a well which requires a well pump. We have a small pond on our land (not artisan).

We are to the point where we are about to install a whole house generator with a propane tank. We live in southern florida and this makes sense for hurricane purposes. We’ve lived in south florida for 15 years with a generator - and generally head out of town for hurricanes. I have a deep freezer and purchase meat by the cow - so keeping that freezer going is a high priority for me. So is the ability to run my well pump and perhaps the irrigation system.

As we were about to pull the trigger on the whole house propane generator, we started wondering if solar would be a better option. We do not have to time to invest in a DIY system and really only have the cash set aside for the generator / propane system. It seems to us that a solar system has a much higher up front cost.

Looking for feedback. Do I REALLY need power in a long term SHTF scenario? What would you do? Is there something else I should do with that cash for my long term preparedness than either propane / solar for power? And if power is the next thing, which way should I go?

Thanks for your help and advice!