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Convert the cash to Swiss Francs and have American Express issue you Travelers Cheques for the money. Since the Swiss Franc is still the hardest currency in the world, and Travelers Cheques never expire. You'll be in a much better position to deal if "it" happens, since merchants will always trust the Swiss, and AMEX will make good on any theft.

William Warren
Travelers Checks? You living in the 60's? Last time I used travelers checks was 1984. Perhaps you did not read the original post, this is a short term situation, not end of the world money system. Swiss francs? No one, especially a clerk in a gas station working the weekend shift, will accept either as payment. He/she won't even know what a Swiss franc or TC is. Why not try bit coin? (dripping with sarcasm). Cash is King, and where I will be when the need arises, it WILL work and get me to where or what I need immediately. I've just been personally debating myself, most in $50 and $20 or more smaller bills so I don't have to flash a wad of cash when payment needs to be made.