Where to begin as a new prepper

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Where to begin as a new prepper

This is a discussion on Where to begin as a new prepper within the General Prepper and Survival Talk forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; I wanted to start a thread on information that new preppers should start out with. Something to get them on the right tract. If enough ...

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Thread: Where to begin as a new prepper

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    Exclamation Where to begin as a new prepper

    I wanted to start a thread on information that new preppers should start out with. Something to get them on the right tract. If enough seasoned preppers participate, this thread will be an excellent resource for newbie’s to go to.

    I will start the thread.

    Buy lots of food. Food should be one of your highest priorities besides water and defense. Get a mixture of food items that stores long term like rice and beans. The stuff your going to eat with the rice and beans. A variety of canned goods. Keep in mind that expiration dates are just the manufactures way to guarantee that their product will stay fresh and palatable. Use your judgment on how long after the expiration dates that you will keep them. Most items should be good years past their dates.

    I keep MRE's in stock also. When they start to age then we use them for camping/hiking. Otherwise it is nice to have a stock of food you don't have to cook and can immediately eat cold if you want. Especially during a bug out.

    Set your goals. Like one weeks worth of groceries, then just keep working your way up until you have six months of food or what ever you set as your ultimate goal of food storage.

    Check out Step 3: Three Month Food Supply there is a really great excel spreadsheet that you can download that will help out with your food storage plan.

    Consider getting a dehydrator. You can dehydrate a lot of foods and they will last a really long time especially if you store your stuff in Mylar bags inside of 5 gallon buckets with oxygen absorbers in them. You can learn how to store this way by watching some You Tube videos.

    If you live in a rural area plant fruit trees. Once they mature you will have all the fruit you can eat and it will give you something to barter with.

    You will want to store water. How much? Well that’s going to depend on your situation. Do you live in an apartment in the city or a homestead in a rural area?

    If you drink those individual water bottle bottles then stock up heavy on them just keep in mind that the bottles are designed to break down over time. They will eventually leak. If you can not store a lot of water then prepare your self to be able to procure water from a source like a pond or stream. There are several ways to make water potable, water purification filters, chemical means like bleach and iodine tablets and boiling the water.

    Consider getting a generator for power outages. Especially if you live near the coast where a hurricane could mess you up. There are multi fuel generators available. Propane and gas, just gas, just propane and just diesel. If your going to invest in a generator then invest in a generator transfer switch.

    The switch hooks up to your circuit breaker box and lets you have power with your generator but prevents back feeding the electrical line. It also does away with all of the extension cords. Reliance and Generac are good brand names.

    Depending on the emergency you may not want to use it in a prolonged manner, just use it intermittently to keep your fridge and freezer cold. And you may not want to use lights in the evening. It will be like beacon to desperate people.

    Your going to want a firearm to defend your family and property.

    Which firearms should you use? Ask several different people and you will get several different answers. It is recommended that you standardize so ammunition and repair parts will be easier to stock. Stick to NATO type calibers with the addition of a few others. NATO calibers usually consist of 9mm, 45cal, 7.62X52mm/.308cal, 5.56mm/.223, 12gauge, .50cal, .300 win mag.

    I would add the 7.62X39 to your possible lists to choose from, why? Because the AK 47 has a long time reputation of never breaking down/misfires and jams. AK’s are relatively cheap. They can be used in a multi -purpose role. They are an excellent swamp gun for hunting, you can use high capacity magazines for defense/offense and at close to mid range they are pretty accurate. If you have bolt action scoped rifles that are very accurate. Use them for sniper rifles. The important thing is to have something. Something is better than nothing.

    Bug Out Bags
    If you plan on bugging out to a different location whether it is a stocked cabin or family and friends residence you will want a BOB. The size will depend on what you can carry comfortably. These bags will contain the minimum what is needed to sustain you until you can get to your location.

    Now its time to pick this apart in a positive manner. How would you tell a new prepper to start? What can you add to what I have already written?
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    Great thread MtlGen!

    I would suggest that a person set their sights on Sustainable Living. Research Homesteading or Self Sufficient Living. Shelter, Water, Food, Security...
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    This so much so. Learning sustainable living reduces the amount of preparations one must buy and store, it reduces demand, and it can help change lifestyles to where on saves.

    Quote Originally Posted by Slippy View Post
    Great thread MtlGen!

    I would suggest that a person set their sights on Sustainable Living. Research Homesteading or Self Sufficient Living. Shelter, Water, Food, Security...
    This place has become more disturbing then SHTF.

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    Food and Water

    Shelter and Security


    those 5 things are the basics for any conversation about prepping...any prepper discussion will be about one of those things in some shape or form

    now you have to wonder why I listed them like that

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    Look up rule of 3s

    Start a 3 day "storm kit" (FEMA/ses/all disaster agencies in the west have good suggestions)

    Expand to 5 days

    Expand to 1 week

    Expand to 1 month

    Expand to 3 months

    Expand to where you feel prepared

    Then start again

    (Note bobs etc are normally your 3 day kit)
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    Start with the question. What if a storm hit and power was off here for a week, emergence services where very limited? What would our house hold need to get by with no help? When you have a list fill it. Once that is done test it see if you covered it well then look at two weeks. It is a bigger job than you think at first.
    Heat (location time of year)
    Source of information ,news ect
    Power and or batteries
    No sense prepping of SHTF if you can't survive a couple weeks.
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    New life as a house husband, major shift in duties.

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    I encourage people to prep first for what's most likely, even if it's not the 'sexiest' or most dramatic. Whatever nasty storms your region gets. Water main breaks. Power outages. Car won't get you home. Always have a reliable flashlight close to hand, decent walking shoes, clothes to keep you warm enough/dry enough. A back-up plan to reunite with your family if there's big drama in your area and cell phones aren't getting through. Enough cash to get you home. First aid kit, with a day or three of prescription meds if you need them. A spare pair of glasses/contacts if you need those. For that matter, a few extra days of meds (minimum) on hand all the time. This kind of problem *will* happen; it's only *when* that's unknown.
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    1. Water filter
    2. Flour, salt
    3. Cammo bivvy bag
    4. Rice
    5. Full set of clothing recommended ECWCS

    Hold on just sign up to the army for basic training and use that as a starting point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slippy View Post
    Great thread MtlGen!

    I would suggest that a person set their sights on Sustainable Living. Research Homesteading or Self Sufficient Living. Shelter, Water, Food, Security...
    HERESY!!!! I'm tellin' the gov on you!

    Whoops, don't want to scare the newbies, my bad.

    Water, water water........and more water. Buy it, store it, find ways to collect it! Also learn to use what you already have (water heater, toilet tank, pool) and find ways to purify/preserve it.

    Also jump into those medical supplies. Been thinking about it lately and a toothache isn't a big deal but during emergency/SHTF its gonna be a pain in the tooth (you thought I was going to say ass). Infection is bad, m'kay!
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    Make a plan before you do anything.
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