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Where to begin as a new prepper

This is a discussion on Where to begin as a new prepper within the General Prepper and Survival Talk forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; Information for newbies who are just exploring the idea, maybe a "why" moreso than a how. Here's a great article on "Why Survivalist Planning Is ...

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Thread: Where to begin as a new prepper

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    Information for newbies who are just exploring the idea, maybe a "why" moreso than a how. Here's a great article on "Why Survivalist Planning Is Right for Everyone"

    "Survivalist planning is a plan that families can make to be self-reliant in the event of a major disaster. Itís important to be prepared because during a time of crisis, you donít want to have to scramble to stay alive.

    When disasters occur, normal routines get interrupted. That means food items are delayed on their way to the grocery stores. There can be widespread outages of food and other necessities such as water and medication.

    Before a disaster strikes, if people know itís coming, such as a storm, youíll often see news images of empty grocery shelves. Thatís because people who didnít plan ahead are now rushing out in an effort to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

    At best, this made rush will only result in a few daysí worth of supplies. If there are long term electricity outages (as weíve seen in the aftermath of major hurricanes), it can be difficult for people to get out or in.

    Youíll need a way to compensate for electricity outages. Look at what happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Citizens who werenít stranded by the rising waters were stranded because they didnít have the gas to get out of town and none of the gas stations were working.

    You donít want to put off preparing because a crisis can hit at any moment. Youíll want to be prepared in the following areas: food, water, shelter, medical needs, safety, money, and gas.

    Survivalists Get a Bad Rap in the Press

    Back in the 1800s, people prepared all summer for the tough winters ahead. Food was stored where it would keep during the cold months. Food for livestock was also stored well in advance. No one thought of these people as weird. They were simply being smart and trying to survive.

    Though it shouldnít, most of our impressions of people and situations today come from television. Weíve all seen those interviews on doomsday reality TV shows where the camera is in the face of a wild-eyed individual whoís spouting some pretty weird things as he talks about survivalist planning.

    Those doomsday shows deliberately seek out whatever will cause a sensation - because television is all about the ratings. Normal people donít drive up ratings.
    Because of this slanted type of television, most survivalists get a bad rap.

    Of course, once something is on television, print media dutifully follows that same line of slanted reporting and newspapers and online articles crop up full of negativity about survivalists.

    Survivalists are citizens who want to be prepared. These are people who are determined that their families arenít going to do without survival necessities during a time of crisis.

    A survivalist isnít someone who believes that the world is on the edge of destruction. Rather, a survivalist is a smart individual who knows that disasters happen.

    Nature has proven time and again how unpredictable it can be. A survivalist knows the best way to respect that unpredictability is to be prepared. Natural disasters arenít the only reason that you need to be prepared to be self-reliant.

    Look at what happened in Greece. The government decided that the citizens were going to be their backup bailout plan for the countryís debt. Once a plan was announced that the government was going to take 10% of the citizensí bank funds, panic and protests ensued.

    There was a mad run on the ATMs as people scrambled to pull their money out. Because of the surge of withdrawals, the ATMs ran out of money. Many people considered this move an illegal government confiscation of private funds.

    The crisis reached the stage where the government closed banks temporarily to keep people from taking out all their money. Does the government have that kind of control?

    Do they have that kind of authority? Yes. The same situation that happened in Greece could happen anywhere - and you donít want to be caught off guard - especially if youíre a parent.

    A survivalist hopes that a personal, natural or government disaster wonít happen, but takes the proper steps to be able to survive in case it does.

    You Donít Have to Be Rich to Start Survivalist Planning

    Planning to survive in the event of a crisis is something that all citizens should do. You donít have to have loads of money in order to start putting a survivalist plan in motion.

    In fact, when a crisis hits, studies have shown that itís often those with less income that fare the worst. You can start your survivalist planning by making small purchases now.

    What you want to do is to start making whatís called short term packs. These are items that you must have on hand that are essential for survival. Add to these supplies as you go along and in the long run, youíll end up saving money.

    Self-sufficiency is a skill that always pays back in full those who utilize it. People that have food in storage and people that can live off the land - these are the people who donít have to worry when disasters hit because they know their basics needs are going to be met.

    In your packs, youíre going to want to have food that will keep. Nutrition bars, canned meats, canned fruits and vegetables are foods that will keep for years if you store them properly.

    You can also start a garden and grow your own fruits and vegetables. This way, youíll be able to can the food you grow and stock up that way, too. You can even store some meat for the long haul.

    Put together enough water for everyone in your family. You should have a gallon of water set aside for each person for each day that it will be needed. Water will also keep in storage. Youíll also want to have on hand some water purification tablets.

    Have the medication thatís needed for each family member. Whenever a natural disaster hits, pharmacies and doctorís offices are also closed and you wonít have access to medicine if you run out, so make sure you keep a three month supply of the medicine.

    You can do this through a mail order pharmacy that will give you three monthsí worth of a prescription at once. Youíre going to use them anyway, so having them on hand for a disaster is just smart preparation.

    Stock up on baby supplies like diapers, baby wipes and formula a little at a time. Have extra clothing for the baby as well as for each member of your family. Make sure you have baby medicine in case of a fever, too.

    Store toiletries as well. Youíll want shampoo, deodorant, razors, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes and toilet paper. Those would be necessities but you can also store luxury items as well, such as lotions and facial cleansers.

    Having a first aid kit ready and set aside is important. Make sure the kit has plenty of waterproof bandages, including wound dressings. Youíll want antibiotic ointment, alcohol wipes and Calamine lotion.

    Pack insect repellent, scissors, ibuprofen, aspirin and burn cream. Add to the kit scissors, a surgical field pack, safety pins, wraps for sprains, tweezers and a magnifying glass.

    Donít forget to pack waterproof matches, blankets and sleeping bags. Have the lighting you need, too - such as flashlights like the solar powered ones, candles and kerosene lamps.

    An emergency solar radio can help keep you up to date on the latest cleanup and restoration efforts going on in your area after a disaster, so have one on hand. You might want to also invest in a solar powered charging station for your cell phones.

    If you were to try to plan all of this at once, these supplies would be very expensive, but by breaking the list down and steadily adding items week after week, your supplies will soon be ready.

    What you can do is every time you go to the grocery store, set aside a certain amount of money thatís earmarked for emergency events. Use that money to stock up only on things you need from your preparedness list.

    Spending even a small amount will help you be prepared. Even if all you manage to stock up for is a couple of weeks - over time, youíll still be better off than you would be if you hadnít taken those steps.

    Preparing to survive through a disaster doesnít have to be an exercise in gloom and doom - you can get everyone in the family involved.

    You Can Make It a Fun Family Experience

    One of the biggest mistakes parents make is thinking that their children will be scared if they get them involved in survivalist planning. But children are a lot wiser than most parents give them credit for.

    They can pick up on tension when tough times hit. Kids are more afraid when disasters happen and the parents are stressed out because the parent doesnít know where the next meal is going to come from.

    Knowing that their family is prepared during a disaster and that there will be food and shelter, warmth and even fun during the tough days will ease their minds. Even more than themselves, kids also worry about their parents and their siblings.

    So knowing that the whole family will be cared for can turn a potentially traumatic situation for them into a fun learning experience instead. You can get your children involved by getting their help when it comes to picking out supplies.

    Your child can man the preparedness list and help cross off items every time you bring home one of the needed supplies. You can even create a fun chart and add gold stars every time you reach a certain supply goal.

    Take the kids with you and let them pick out the entertainment that youíll want to have on hand in the event of a disaster. Let them choose which board games or card games they want. Have them be the ones to choose a family puzzle.

    Not only will they like being in charge of the entertainment, but spending time together as a family doing something fun, even in the event of a disaster, is reassuring to children that their family is still okay.

    Let your kids get involved by picking out the seeds needed to plant a garden, too. Using seeds is also a very budget conscious way to prepare for emergency food needs.

    Youíll want to plan the amount of seeds based on what you think it will take to keep your family afloat for a year. Your children can have fun picking out their favorite seeds and watching them grown into plants and develop into fruits, vegetable or grains.

    Let them create a little scarecrow for the family garden, too. Keep in mind that to kids, as long as the family is okay, they feel okay. So as youíre preparing for the event of any emergency, make sure that youíre presenting it in a positive light.

    For example, even though adults donít like to be without electricity, kids adapt faster and will see the lack of electricity as an adventure. By preparing ahead of time, you can use the situation as a learning experience.

    As you buy kerosene lamps, you can talk about how much children once did their homework by the light of a kerosene lamp. When you get a compact stove for your preparedness supply, you can talk about how people used to prepare their meals over open campfires or on wood stoves.

    You Gain Peace of Mind

    There have been several snowstorms that have gone down in history as being pretty severe. One hit Chicago in 2011 that dumped over 20 inches of snow in certain areas of the city.

    When that storm hit, electricity went out, business shut down and a lot of people ended up stuck in their cars, unable to go anywhere. That was a major snowstorm.

    However, even in less severe snowstorms, people rush the grocery store (much like the people rushed the ATMs in Greece) and the shelves are emptied of all of the basic necessities and even empty of the not so basic necessities.

    Why? Because disasters and threats of disasters create panic in people. Now imagine what would happen in the event of a real disaster. If a simple snowstorm can create panic and a rush on the stores, what would happen if the government had a breakdown?

    Or another hurricane the size of Katrina hit? You can bet that utter chaos would take over and that getting even the basic supplies would be difficult. You donít want to be in that predicament.

    If youíre already prepared, you wonít have to deal with that kind of stress and fear. By stocking what you need well in advance of the event, youíll have the food you need on hand to feed yourself, your family members and any family pets or livestock.

    Getting ready for natural or man-made disasters means that when the water supply youíre used to having is cut off, youíll still be okay because youíll have your own supply of water.

    Even if the electricity shuts off, youíll be prepared by having solar powered devices, oil lamps and long lasting flashlights. While everyone else is in the dark, your family will be less scared and more comforted.

    When disasters hit, schools often shut down - and if the disaster is big enough, you wonít have any idea about when the school will be back up and running. By having educational supplies, your children will still be able to keep up with their studies.

    Protecting yourself can also go a long way to giving you peace of mind. Whenever thereís a disaster of any kind, a period of lawlessness occurs as people begin looting. Sometimes, that taking of othersí belongings can turn violent.

    When disasters happen, the law of the city is also affected. Response time from the police can be delayed or in some cases, not answered at all. You want to make sure that you have the means and the knowledge to prevent anyone from harming your family during the time of crisis.

    Remember that preparing ahead of time in all areas of survivalist planning puts you on the offensive, which is always a better position to be in than defense. Donít worry about what other people think Ė just take this on as a method for keeping your family safe and prepared in the future."
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    First, prepare to get home. On a typical day that means a 20 mile hike. If it happens during a BLM protest, it could add several more miles for me to go around it. My goal is to get to my family as quickly as possible. I don't plan to stop and sleep.

    I start with my feet and work my way up. Socks, hiking shoes, sunglasses, scarf (can be used as towel), hat.

    Next are tools I may need. Knife, flashlights & batteries, map (in case I have to bypass my usual known routes home), Leatherman tool, pistol, whistle.

    Next are things to make my life pleasant. Peanut butter for energy, water bottle & Sawyer mini filter, individually wrapped baby wipes, bug spray.

    I follow the same procedure for getting to my next destination (i.e. bugging out). I anticipate it taking 2 days travel under a good circumstance. If something happens, it could take 4 days or more. I have a toddler, so I have some additional limitations.

    If you have an opportunity to bug-in, follow the other great advice listed above. Have a 3 day plan. Then have a 2 week plan. Then have a 1 month plan.

    I think this is a good start for the new prepper.

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    Im new here and are from Denmark. I have been studied religion only Focus om last day which is disaster, third war, nuclear, and for that reason i togouht i could be helpfull here. I know exactly where the nuclear war starts and where IT reachs. And All this is prophcized for 2000 year until yet. Hope You dont get mad at me but just listen to my opinion

    Iv tried now for last 10 years to check
    All stated prophecy is happening and IT did.

    Thats why i also found in more then 4000 old scripts from jews, cristian and islam exactly tells us what is going to happen.

    I didnt belive first. But when i found scripts for 1500 years ago speak about islamic state in details, such accurate in action, where they are, when, what they do, event thier leder name is mentioned. I recodnized then wooooooww. That is 100 % acurate today and 1000 other things are also mentioned and happened

    Thats why i Was saying i can be helpfull to let you prepper exactly 100% acurate for what is coming.

    You can just take my answer as a prepperation for what i sudggest.

    For me ts importent to know exactly what is coming before preppers.

    THX for reading my replay

    Im sorry for my Bad english.

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    Be Prepared as we was taught in Boy Scouts. Smart thinking.
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    One of the things that helped me the most, and is rarely mentioned, is to imagine yourself in various scenarios that you might find yourself in post-SHTF. Imagine what you do in detail. What knowledge and skills do you need? What items and tools do you need in your fantasy? One way I figured out what to put in my bug-out bag was to imagine bugging out to one of my bug-out locations, then minutely imagining what I would do there, from getting up until going to sleep. I used that method to pack for my annual week-long trip into the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and I didn't forget anything!

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    Have you ever actually bugged out to your location though? That's a lot different than camping. Have you thought on how you are going to evade and avoid?
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    Useful information! Good read as a new prepper.
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    Here is a link to a thread on my communications plan. Research and choose what is best is for you. If something is not for you then follow your gut. If someone is pushing their choice and will not listen then tell them to piss off and don't feel bad for it.

    A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, But the simple pass on and are punished. Proverbs 22:3 NKJV

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    Here is some cards on cold and hot weather injuries, Army training meetings which is important for leadership info and an infantry Leaders Reference Card.

    Good info to have and download.

    Training Meeting gta07-04-007.pdf

    Inf Leaders Reference Card GTA07-01-038.pdf

    GTA 05-08-012 Indiv Safety Card.pdf
    A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, But the simple pass on and are punished. Proverbs 22:3 NKJV

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    OK, I came across some range card info on PDF. Tactically you should measure the distances from shooting position to all likely spots that bad guys could hide and shoot from, mark the distance from home to tree, wall, corner, fence line garage etc on a map and its easier to dial in your carbine sights.

    In the military we use range cards. Every LP/OP and fighting position will make up a range card and a duplicate. The original stays with you and the duplicate goes to command.

    Here are some PDFs with the Range Card, some instructions and a link to a video.

    How To: Fill Out a Range Card | Military.com


    Range Card Instructions.pdf
    A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, But the simple pass on and are punished. Proverbs 22:3 NKJV

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