OSINT and SITREP with Twitter

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OSINT and SITREP with Twitter

This is a discussion on OSINT and SITREP with Twitter within the General Prepper and Survival Talk forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; I have found Twitter to be a helpful resource for OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) and SITREP. If you are not familiar with Twitter, it is ...

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Thread: OSINT and SITREP with Twitter

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    OSINT and SITREP with Twitter

    OSINT and SITREP with Twitter-sit-rep-twitterfall.jpgI have found Twitter to be a helpful resource for OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) and SITREP. If you are not familiar with Twitter, it is a generally billed as a micro-blog or a two-sentence Face book. It's used by tons of people for everything from the mundane and useless to breaking news

    Twitter has already proved itself as being an effective tool during times of unrest, upheaval and disasters.

    • 2009's Iranian Green Revolution kept the world on edge through Tweets.
    • 2012's Hurricane Sandy was chronicled via Twitter
    • 2013's Egyptian revolution was Tweeted live.
    • 2015's Unrest in Ferguson was Tweeted live.

    You can use Twitter to create your own Early Warning for monitoring an emergency situation, possibly keeping you ahead of the curve and news cycle. Here's how to create your own OSINT and SITREP Dashboard:

    • Setup a special Twitter account for just the purpose of monitoring SITREP. It's better to do this since it's private and you'll have less noise (chatter with other people you may follow). You are not going to post anything here. You're just monitoring for gathering intel.
    • Follow relevant local twitter feeds (such as your local/state police, fire, EMS, government, weather and airport)
    • Follow relevant NOAA twitter feeds especially if you live in areas prone to earthquakes and harsh weather conditions
    • Follow relevant weather feeds for your area.
    • Follow state and US Emergency Management feeds (FEMA, DHS, Emergency Management)
    • Organize your feeds into lists. Lists are important to keep your SITREP from being cluttered with idle chatter (you'll see why later)
    • Next setup an account on Twitterfall.com
    • Connect your Twitter lists to your Twitterfall.com account and you can quickly sort and organize information based on events or situation you want to monitor. They are all color coded for easy viewing.
    • Within minutes you'll be gathering OSINT intel and SITREP

    Twitterfall also allows you to search for keywords and hashtags if you want to filter your results even more.

    Another neat feature of Twitterfall is the Geolocation feature that can fine tune information that is more likely first hand. So for example there may be an event happening in New York. You can choose to see Tweets originating from as little as a 10 KM radius and up to 200 Miles. This is very helpful when people are taking photos or videos from the general location where an event is happening.

    So what am I monitoring?

    • I monitor financial content from economists, commentators, the FED, central bankers, etc.
    • I monitor breaking news events and independent reporters in conflict areas
    • I monitor emergency management departments throughout my region, states that border mine and several major cities.

    What I am not montoring?

    • I do not monitor the main stream news outlets since they are cluttered with useless news.
    • I do not monitor preppers on Twitter who keep babbling on and are always selling stuff
    • I do not monitor twitter feeds from my favorite websites since I visit them frequently
    • I do not monitor "noise". I don't want drivel, I want Intel!

    There are other Twitter programs like HootSuite that can provide even better organization and searching but I've found Twitterfall easy to use and a great place to start.

    I hope this helps add some more info for your OSINT colleciton.
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    Excellent post, and excellent suggestion.

    Information will give us the heads up on what is going to hit us. Hopefully.
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    I booted my Facebook page a few years ago but I do use twitter. It has been a great source for keeping up on news. I hear about most things on twitter long before the news gets to it. I only follow information sources rather than celebrity nonsense.
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    thanks for the information. I may need to rethink twitter..
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    Just make sure you make your Twitter account private. You don't need to tweet, just silently gather intel.

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    I want to get Twitter so I can keep up with the Kardashions!
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    That is an excellent idea. I haven't gotten on Twitter yet. Think I will now. Great post!
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    I have been using Twitter since Ferguson. Never tweeted though. The islamic state feeds are another good one to follow.

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    Good post, thread.

    I am interested in Twitter news (in English) for the Ukraine, Georgian, Venezuelan, among others.

    Any ideas?
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    For Ukraine

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