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How To Acquire Guns During A SHTF Situation?

This is a discussion on How To Acquire Guns During A SHTF Situation? within the General Prepper and Survival Talk forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; Originally Posted by AquaHull Storing ammo for bartering would work. It seems to me that buying some smaller boxes of ammo for barter would be ...

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Thread: How To Acquire Guns During A SHTF Situation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AquaHull View Post
    Storing ammo for bartering would work.
    It seems to me that buying some smaller boxes of ammo for barter would be smarter (or at least bagging them in smaller amounts). That way, you are able to pull out a small box and say "sorry... that's all I have" and complete the trade. That's a lot harder with a large box... and showing all of that ammo could make someone decide it's worth the risk to try and take it from you.
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    You can go to a site like Impact Guns or Cheaper than Dirt and search for an inexpensive handgun. I suggest a revolver for your first as it is easy to maintain and when you pull the trigger, it fires. Something like a .38 that will shoot the +P's as well. You can also visit your local gun shop and see if they have any used choices and let them know that price is important. I trust the pro's over a pawn shop.

    When you become more knowlegable I have found that Gallery of Guns has great prices and I bought my last one there.

    Good luck.

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    I agree with the revolver being a good first gun. To add too that imo a good revolver is one of the best survival guns overall. The list of benefits for revolvers is long. They are simple, reliable, compact, easy to handle easy to maintain, and extremely versatile just to name a few good points. The only downside is they are limited in the amount of ammo they hold at one time. But with practice they can be reloaded quite quick and theres also speed loaders available. My go to gun is a .454 revolver that only holds five shots. I have a saying 'if it takes more than 5 rounds from my revolver I shouldnt be worried about reloading I should be worried about getting the h*ll out of there' Im not a member of the full auto spray and pray club. Where I live they dont allow us to have Automatic guns anyhow... they also dont let us run with scissors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Candela View Post
    Unfortunately I can't afford a gun right now. Though, I am saving up penny by penny to do so.

    But should something like STHF happens before I could buy a gun, how would I go about getting guns?

    I'm good with my hands but against somebody with a gun, there's not much my fists can do. Knives is the only other thing I got.

    I could go to local Gun Shops and Sporting Good Stores and try to loot guns and ammo, but I imagine I won't be the only one in the city thinking that, and it'd probably be dangerous with all the chaos.

    So what can I do?

    Do I just hunker down and wait till somebody get's taken out so I can go a take their guns?

    What options do I have?

    I'd like to hear your opinions.
    Got any gold or silver in your possession, You could trade for guns and ammo? If you don't have any guns before SHTF you will need to keep a low profile and not look like you have anything of value. Otherwise you are dead meat. Try looting along with everyone else you will end up getting shot along with everyone else, either by a competing looter or an armed owner.
    It is an evil society that blames the tool for the actions of its user.

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    Well it would depend on the SHTF situation really. A local storm or other natural disaster would in most cases most won't need a gun. Now in a complete break down of society which I've seen in my travels in my past getting a gun is a matter of taking what you need from someone else if you can do it. That is how civil wars begin and get armed every day on this planet even in places with very heavy gun controls. There are guns in the hands for every government on this planet and if they collapse then it will depend on those left to survive, or every man for himself.

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    While I am brand new here and was just scanning post I started to get worried over posts about Looting Gun Stores, your neighbors homes, breaking into trucks with Hunting Stickers....These are all sure ways to make your SHFT event very short and life very much over.

    I would suggest accessing your need in both rifle as well as a pistol and start shopping Pawn Shops...Rifle wise look for something in a standard caliber like .308/7.62. 5.56/.223 or 7.62x39 in other words Military/Nato Ammo. The 30-06, .243, 7mm and other ammo will be the 1st things to disappear.

    Same with a Pistol...something in a 9MM. 40 S&W or 45 ACP. Something like a used Beretta M9, 1911, Ruger LC9 (at a minimum) SR9/40, SR9C/SR40C a better pistol around $400.00 new but I would stay away from cheaper Subcompact pistol like a P-11...if it breaks and they do you aren't going to get it fixed.

    Avoid CCR/Mil Surplus weapons unless you can afford the ammo to go with them and buy a lot of it.

    Law-a-way is your friend and a great motivator......Find something and put some of Your Money Down...If you want to have it bad enough you will figure out how to pay for it in 30 days and not 90.

    Another thought is to get to know people around you and bring something to the table, make friends, show interest, learn something to be of use to the whole SHTF event. With the right people you wont be left without a weapon as long as you were in the group to start and not an after thought Moocher...I know I have a spare rifle and a couple 100 extra rounds for Someone Fighting to Good Fight a long side me.

    I have lived in 2 different neighborhoods and even though I wasn't part of the local church I was on their list of Go To People for one thing or another.

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