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Why You Shouldn't Take The Covid Vaccination

This is a discussion on Why You Shouldn't Take The Covid Vaccination within the General Prepper and Survival Talk forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; Originally Posted by MountainGirl Okay so there was this lady that wanted a facelift but she couldn't afford it so her doctor told her about ...

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Thread: Why You Shouldn't Take The Covid Vaccination

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    Quote Originally Posted by MountainGirl View Post
    Okay so there was this lady that wanted a facelift but she couldn't afford it so her doctor told her about this new invention; it was a knob installed on the back of her neck that would tighten up her skin just by turning it. She used it for a couple of weeks but then noticed some problems so she went back to the doctor and said "Doctor I love it but I've got these two lumps on my forehead. What's going on?" The doctor said "Those aren't lumps, those are your breasts." "Oh," she said, "well that explains the goatee."
    That’s funny but kinda disgusting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Denton View Post
    I was just thinking; no matter what they say, we will be forced into compliance one way or another.

    Big Pharm has spent a lot of money on vaccines and they are not the types to take losses. Either governments are going to demand we take the shot or corporations will demand it if we want to enter their stores or work for them. After all, money drives the train.
    They got a shot for me and I got a shot for them.
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    I got a COVID swab a few hours ago, and it was uncomfortable.A nurse took a long Q Tip and put it up my nose, and it burned. I didn’t expect that.

    More importantly, where is all of it headed? Why are they all over COVID , like dog with a bone. It is a madness.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevekozak View Post
    I was talking to a woman, yesterday, that said her husband's doctor told her that there are a lot of people, right now, who are testing positive for CV-19 AND the flu at the same time. This is a clue. All these high numbers and increased deaths being laid at the doorstep of CV are probably not that at all. I'm getting super tired of this bullshit. We are all going to have emphysema, copd, or lung cancer from all this mask wearing. And then what?
    The guy I get my wood from told me that his mother in law was dying of altimerz (Im sure that's not spelled right) anyway, the nurse told him that they would be putting on the death certificate that she died of covid even though she did die of altimerz.

    When I told my mom about it she said that it was because they get money for every covid death.
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    Each person has to make their own decision on taking the vaccine.

    I am torn, because I would rather just get it. My son tested positive for antibodies and he can only remember a cold when he was in the Correction Officers Academy.

    My wife is immunosuppressed. I live in fear of bringing it home to her and I am the only who goes to the stores.

    Because of her job, she is well ahead of me to get the vaccine. But her Drs may want to wait because of her rare disease.

    Because of all these factors, I probably will jump at getting the vaccine. I am tired of tiptoeing around behind a mask.

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    My wife, a nurse and midwife, sent me this article. She’s pretty adamant about not getting the shot. She sites a ton of reasons.


    Personally, I don’t trust the vaccine either. I think it’s been rushed, not tested enough, uses new technology and finally, I don’t trust the cdc or big pharma to tell us the truth.

    The other reason is the new strains. Virus mutates over and over. Flu is a good example and we’ve seen other “covid” viruses mutate as well. Two thing may happen. The first is that it mutates itself so much that it basically disappears and/or is too weak to cause any harm. The second is that it may mutate but like flu, be virulent and the vaccines will have to be given on a yearly or every two year basis. Similar to the flu shot and the guess of what strain it will help prevent.

    So I’ll wait and may never ever get it.

    Vaccination passports, etc be damned.
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    Yeah, that's bull. This is a life threatening disease killing multiple times the amount of people who died in 9/11 every single day - literally multiple 9/11s every single day. I've personally had COVID, as a healthcare professional I've watched people die from COVID, I've administered the COVID vaccine, my family is vaccinated, and as someone with quite a bit of experience in DIYBio & genetics I'm very confident in this vaccine. This isn't a flu, people who were perfectly healthy are dying, and even people who survive COVID are having severe side effects that may end up being permanently disabling.

    At some point, hopefully soon, workplaces might make vaccination a condition of keeping employment. Aside from that, you have the right to get it or not get it. However, this "food for thought" is pretty bull. It's been proven to be effective, there really isn't any of the same mechanism for it to do harm like there's been warned over previously in other vaccines, there's plenty of evidence that the examination of side effects in the trials have been taken seriously, and an editorial on a news website nobodies heard of isn't a good argument against getting it.
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