Why Post about Taking from Others

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Why Post about Taking from Others

This is a discussion on Why Post about Taking from Others within the General Prepper and Survival Talk forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; In my years of posting on various forums the threads about precious metals often finds a post like this: “With lead I can just take ...

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Thread: Why Post about Taking from Others

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    Why Post about Taking from Others

    In my years of posting on various forums the threads about precious metals often finds a post like this:

    “With lead I can just take what I want.”

    And the obligatory

    “only metals needed are brass and lead to which your PMs aren’t worth anything”

    Occasionally there is a random post about looting though in recent times I don’t see as many of those.

    In the EOTWAKI threads I get the fantasy but I just can’t see why people want to post about becoming the bad guy?
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    Base human nature. But they don't think about what the other guy has to protect what they have...

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    The internet allows people to become a lot tougher than they really are.

    Dumber also.
    "Orwell's Animal Farm, and 1984 were supposed to be warnings, not instruction manuals."

    “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within”

    ― Will Durant

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    In my head, people who make those belligerent kinds of posts would probably pee themselves if they were ever in a SHTF situation.

    Seriously, though, only idiots post that kind of crap.
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    On the metals side, When a friend passed, I was obligated to open one of his safe's.

    I had set the combination a couple of years before for him, he kept 100 krugerrands in their and a loaded Mod. 60 S&W.

    I had all the primary family members present when opening it up.

    Well the gold was gone! Somehow or other someone got in their, and they were setting me up as a fall guy.

    They did have the combo on paper it the homes study, just "found it" just before I got there.

    Personally I think one son in law did it, estate was over a million dollars, I got a piece of it myself.

    There are plenty of sidewalk commandos online, every forum including this one has them.

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    I think some of it is a way to get people to think about security.

    In high school (Back when we had horses and had to walk to school up hill both ways) my girlfriend at the time had an assignment To write down everything one needed to survive. She had a pretty good list when she showed it to me and asked “what I thought?“ I told her, “it was missing two things, guns and ammo.” She looked at me with that puzzled look she often got when I would talk about the real world. I just said, “with guns and ammo I can get everything on your list.” She tried to argue with me but finally realized I was right and added it to her list before she handed in the assignment.

    I am often quoted as saying, “Without something to defend your stuff with, you are just holding it for the next owner.”
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    It is an evil society that blames the tool for the actions of its user.

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    As mentioned in an earlier post, the internet makes cowards tough guys.

    You come for my silver you better be ready for lead.


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    Where you least expect it.
    The average Joe/Jane response to SHTF is usually something that depends on someone else's hard work.

    I'll just come to your place.
    I'll just take what I need.
    I'm freaking rich... I'll just buy shit.
    Everyone I trust today, I can trust after SHTF.
    I can just barter my skills for material goods.
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    Prepping is not a destination... it is a journey.
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    The people who post that stuff usually do it sitting in their Mom's spare bedroom, in their underwear, while eating Hot Pockets.

    Antifa type people.
    "There is nothing so exhilarating as to be shot at without result." Winston Churchill
    "Leave the artillerymen alone, they are an obstinate lot." Napoleon
    Member: VFW, American Legion, Vietnam Veterans of America, Society of the 5th Infantry Division, Sons of the American Revolution.

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    Rich men never tell you they are rich.
    Tough Guys never tell you they are tough guys.
    Talkers talk.
    I like to think I can read people, but I dont think I am as good as I think I am.
    If someone tries to steal my preps, they better hope the police are still working, if not, they may never be found.
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