Could you help me with a short term prepping plan, no one in my family seems to care.

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Could you help me with a short term prepping plan, no one in my family seems to care.

This is a discussion on Could you help me with a short term prepping plan, no one in my family seems to care. within the General Prepper and Survival Talk forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; Edit. I do not feel safe. I cant sleep....

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Thread: Could you help me with a short term prepping plan, no one in my family seems to care.

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    Could you help me with a short term prepping plan, no one in my family seems to care.


    I do not feel safe.

    I cant sleep.
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    Anyways I apologize for the unorganized mess this is. I really am scrambling for answer.
    Any ideas about what I can do if it hits the fan would be great... anything.
    Thanks guys and have a SAFE and awesome weekend
    Welcome to the forum.

    My first instinct is to....start reading the forum threads.
    An awful lot of stuff has been covered by some talented and prepped people.

    Go here and everything is broken down into various categories.
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    "Orwell's Animal Farm, and 1984 were supposed to be warnings, not instruction manuals."

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    I'll second what @Robie said

    And, I'll help you with a comprehensive long term preparedness plan.

    Being prepared is not just for some health scare that we have with the CO-VID-19. Being prepared is a total lifestyle change. Its having your total needs met with Shelter, Water, Food, Medical, Security and Comfort.

    Its having the right tools for the job and then some. Its having some extra money in the bank, extra food in the pantry, extra toilet paper, extra bandaids, extra bullets, extra rifles, etc etc etc. I like to call it a Journey with No Destination, but a Journey none the less.

    If your family is not supportive or is a roadblock to being prepared then distance yourself from anyone who is a roadblock on your journey. If your girlfriend is going to be a hinderance and potential a royal bitch about your Journey, get a new one. Yeah, she may have a vagina, I get it, but Bitches be a dime a dozen so get you a new one that will support her man. Life's short but life is really freakin' short with some bitch constantly messing with your mind just because she has a vagina.

    Shelter, Water, Food, Medical, Security and Comfort are things to focus on.

    And remember, all the medicine, bleach, masks, food, water and shelter don't mean shit if you can't defend it.

    Good luck and hope to hear more from you on the forum!

    Your new friend,


    Quote Originally Posted by Wounded Eagle View Post
    The Virus has been confirmed in the two states to the left and right, with one middle aged lawyer in severe condition

    My home state right now has over 400 cases being closely monitored by the state. Four of which cases have come back to be negative for the
    novel SARS-CoVID-19 virus which is 20X deadlier than the Influenza virus and highly suggested to " not be natural " by man experts including a Well Establish Microbiologist who has laid the genetic facts out stating " I do not think this could Accidentally mutate like this in nature "
    I really do not want to sit around and wait for the first case to hit next door to my house before I start getting any kind of plan as I already feel late

    Problem is that the people I am with seem not to recognize the severity of the situation. Especially when the head of the CDC
    comes out and warns people to start getting your crap together and to expect " Severe Disruptions ".

    Instead my GF goes out to the grocery store for snacks
    and buys Chinese food. She asks me " Are you really going to eat all of that?" suggestive towards my food supply.
    This seems HIGHLY irresponsible to be acting this way when this is happening. This is not a stab at Chinese people for buying Chinese food but rather it is a possibility they have relatives.

    I had my mother pick up 2 boxes of nonperishable food items to at least have that stocked and plan to at least get one more box if possible.
    I have 2 respirators and rubber gloves and sanitation material and thats about it right now. I know it is not much and its far from ideal
    but I am looking at doing anything that I can. I have even thought about situations where Id take off and try to tough it out in my truck.
    But after Bill Gates warned " That this could be the once in a century

    My question is:

    Being that people can NOT rely on the Federal Government for complete transparency so citizens can really give this situation the respect it demands, making our chances look even scarier. I understand that if they did this it would cause utter panic.

    Being that my closest family members and Girlfriend are not giving this situation the respect it demands it puts me at a HUGE risk.
    In defense I have refused contact of all kinds and stay at least 8 feet away from any person I can and sleep in a different room.
    I know its not much right now and I was hoping someone here could help me with a little something more to at least give me some direction.

    Cities are not quarantined off for the flu

    While you guys are reading " if you have not already " Check out the "Evn.2.0.1" a simulated, hypothetical scenario of a severe pandemic that Mr.Microsoft was able to roll out when they first heard about this in wuhan . at least there is someone smart on the job. I could imagine if AOC was on it this country would be jacked!

    Anyways I apologize for the unorganized mess this is. I really am scrambling for answer.
    Any ideas about what I can do if it hits the fan would be great... anything.
    Thanks guys and have a SAFE and awesome weekend

    - Wounded Owl 0
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    I know this sounds less than nice, but I think your girlfriend is a concern.
    Are y’all shacking up? Built-in problem. Did she nonchalantly use your money in a wasteful manner while you are trying to keep the family safe from a perceived threat? If so, I would gather her belongings, show her the door and change the locks.

    As I said, less than nice, but nice and vulnerable is stupid.
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    "Reality is almost always wrong."
    Dr. Gregory House

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    The best help I can give you is to tell you to take a deep breath, . . . exhale slowly, . . . go in the bathroom and get your drawers unwadded.

    While you were obsessing over the corona virus and it's complications, . . . let's say it took you a 15 minute stretch to formulate your questions.

    In that same time frame: 1 person died on the very worst day of corona virus deaths (108 for the 24 hr period)

    But, . . . 273 died of cancer, . . . 256 died of heart disease, . . . 45 people died of diabetis, . . . 29 committed suicide, . . . another 28 died of mosquito bites, . . . 14 were murdered outright . . . and three people died of snake bite in the time it took you to write it, and one of us read it.

    Take a deep breath, . . . wash your hands, . . . sit down and read your Bible, . . . those three things will do you much more good than anything else we could tell you in 15 minutes.

    May God bless,
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    If you can breathe, . . . thank God.

    If you can read, . . . thank a teacher.

    If you are reading this in English, . . . thank a veteran.

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    What Dwight said! And ditch the girlfriend!!! Trust me on this, there are a bazillion women out there. Find one that shares your beliefs.
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    Everyone you know that don’t take you seriously will be knocking on your door when the SHTF, prep the way that makes you feel right, the less people that know the better, especially the disrespectful, caring is one thing but submission to the irrational is a whole different ball game. As stated earlier, there is good information here and good people to go to for questions, be vigilant, better have and not need then to need and not have....

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    Keep quiet and work on being prepared. Ditch the Bitch if she is unwilling to prepare a bit. I am sure she is nice but in a real crisis she is going to be an anchor in your butt. Your parents are grown ups and if you can not convince them of the wisdom of preparedness, that is just to bad. We all make choices. But preparedness goes beyond Coronavirus.
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    Blessed be God, my rock who trains my hands for battle, my fingers for war. Psalms 144:1

    Victory can depend on a dog or a goose---Napoleon

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    You can get rid of the bitch but not your mother.

    Best thing you can do inside is make everyone wash their hands and face,

    when they come in from being in a public place, without touching else anything beforehand.

    I don't know how the virus is transmitted yet, there are a couple of thoughts but not verified.

    Clean steering wheels, door handles, keys and lastly face and hands.

    Avoid outsiders as much as possible, same for those you live with, get rid of the bitch.

    I carry a disinfectant bottle made with 90% alcohol, Providine, and bleach in each Cherokee,

    started wiping door handles, steering wheel and shifter after getting in.

    Get a lot more food if possible, I am seeing it getting in short supply around here now, with only 8 cases in the state.
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