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Something occurred to me during this thread...

We are all thinking about what we would do to get home from a relatively short distance.
But what would you do if you were on a business trip, or vacation, across country?

For me, this is a nightmare scenario. Hundreds or thousands of miles from my family, and long distance transportation becomes a luxury commodity that is heavily guarded and disputed.
How would you get home?
Would you get home, or just live there now?
Would your plan of returning become a long term, 5-10 year affair?
What would life be like if/when you return?
Comms are down. How would your family know your status?

If anything else, this scenario stresses the importance of a Faraday protected HAM radio plan. It would be one of your only bets for getting a message back home (chain relay across the expanse).
Until Kevin Costner promises to deliver your letters, of course.
There will obviously be cases of people who just will not make it 'home'. And you might just have to accept the reality of you being one of them.