The two categories of items that I’m most concerned with are those that contribute toward saving life and property , and typically have a level of immediacy associated with retrieving them. The others are things that will remain where they’re put, not to be accessed for years, if ever in my lifetime… things like a hand pump system for drawing water from our well or the propane room heaters and all of their attachments and adapters. Locating any group of these items in their totality could be critical in some scenario. The details of their placement can no longer be safely catalogued in my head.

My father-in-law could pretty much tell you where every shop and garden tool was last placed over the past several days of work, and do so right up until the time he passed, on the cusp of 90 years old. I wish now I knew his secret. I doubt it was the purity of his lifestyle or the pile of medications that he was obliged to take daily. Probably had more to do with genetics and the fact that he didn’t spend a great deal of time filling his thoughts with media babble or concerns about the world spiraling down the drain. Maybe living simpler could help my brain from resembling a bucket with a hole in the bottom.