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HELP! Mrs Slippy Done Gone CRAAAAAZYYY!

This is a discussion on HELP! Mrs Slippy Done Gone CRAAAAAZYYY! within the General Prepper and Survival Talk forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; Originally Posted by Slippy OK Y'all, Mrs S and I are not quite at 40 Years Marriage but we have surpassed the 30 Year mark ...

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Thread: HELP! Mrs Slippy Done Gone CRAAAAAZYYY!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slippy View Post
    OK Y'all, Mrs S and I are not quite at 40 Years Marriage but we have surpassed the 30 Year mark a few times over. Other than a few extra cases of Bourbon and Two Buck Chuck Wine from the Trader Joes, Mrs S has NEVER, I repeat NEVER said a cross word about me buying ANYTHING...Until this evening.

    I had just poured a few fingers of Coopers Craft Bourbon in a Collegiate Style Insulated Glass and settled into my chair with the computer on my lap when Mrs S leaned over from whatever it is she does when sits on the sofa next to me and peered down over her reading glasses and said in a semi-irritated voice..."what are you looking at?"

    "Woman", I said, "Mind your tone!"

    Not really but it sounded cool...

    "My Sweetness", I really said, "Some of the guys on the PrepperForums are getting the 6.5 Creedmore and I think we should get one too!"

    "Time out Stud", she said. "Didn't you just bring home a Smith and Wesson .357 Revolver and a Winchester Lever Thingie Gun last month" And aren't you looking at the new Polaris or Kawasaki 2 Person Vehicle thing like your buddy @Inor suggested? And aren't you talking about going to the NASCAR Truck Race next month in Ohio and then do the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky on the way back?" I think you should hold off on the new 6 Point Whatever you are thinking about buying!"

    Has Mrs S done gone crazy or am I in some sort of discombobulated nightmare dream?

    Take all of her shoes out of the closet and pile them in the living room floor. Look at her and say "I rest my case, end of discussion".

    Now....if she is the type of woman who doesnt have a pile of shoes 3ft high thank the lord alrighty and tell her she was right. Then do the dishes.

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    What you require is a different sales slip that shows you got it for a third on sale, come home with three items you purchased at a great sale and tell her about the thousands you saved. Remember a woman will spend a dollar to buy a two dollar item she does not need and a man will spend two dollars on a dollar item he needs. I bet she will get it.

    HELP!  Mrs Slippy Done Gone CRAAAAAZYYY!-60612a97-fa23-457c-9190-ba2277e90a7d.jpeg

    Good luck Slippy.

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    It's a sad day indeed … when Slip calls out for HELP!! Then again, aging with grace (also known as Mrs Slippy) isn't really a bad thing.

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    Don’t ask me about “wife advice”. I’m on my 3rd wife. I still haven’t figured them out!

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    Your house yall have to work it out. The RPR in 6.5 CR was one of those deals wife forced me to purchase it. Heading into 40 years I bet the two of you will get it figured out. Get your 6.5 CR. You will like it.
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    New life as a house husband, major shift in duties.

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    Are you a nightmare? Is she crazy? I dunno, prolly not either of these two things. I say Mr Slippy can have his proverbial cake and eat it, too....

    Why don't you ask her to get you that gun for Christmas? That could be your big Christmas present. Tell her you're really hoping to see it all wrapped up and pretty underneath the tree. Then she has to buy it for you, otherwise Christmas will be ruined, totally and completely ruined.
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    Sloppy just needs to give MRS Slippy the winning mega bucks lottery ticket for the next drawing and all will be right in the world. Then after he gets the 6.5 creedmoor he needs to pick up a .224 Valkyrie.
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    Slippy, after 36 years this is what works for me. First no matter what I'm looking at it's for her next Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, etc. Then when it comes in if she sees it tell her how she spoiled the surprise and your never gonna try to surprise her again, if all she wants to do is snoop. Then take what ever it was put it away and never mention it again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Annie View Post
    Are you a nightmare? That could be your big Christmas present.
    Slippy, Annie is right. Sometimes we get all wrapped up in our hobbies, and we have to reel ourselves back in. I have purchased all the edged tools I need, want or lust over, and the real adult in all us must "know when to say when."

    I think the old canard "boys and their toys" has an insulting yet very true edge to it. We like our "tchotchkes" and probably go a tad goofy if there's a package for us in the mail or even a new magazine. Yikes, my dog even likes new things, he's going crazy for sardines right now, but then, boys will be boys.

    Here's what I did. Being practical, I found those "field strip technology" knives were what I really needed--but how did that effect my wife? Well, some of those items make great eating utensils, so when we go to my wife' favorite restaurant (which doesn't provide knives) I take two blades with me, one is for her.

    Yes, yes, I lost a Tuxedo switchblade, but it was a small price to pay to have her guide me in my hobbies as a co-conspirator rather than a strident harpy stewing over the credit card bill.

    Toys will come and go, but we both have decades or history with our mates. Let her inside your hobbies and beliefs.
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    Take a left by where that oak tree used to be
    You shouldn’t have said anything about it and surprised her. Sometimes asking for forgiveness is more productive then permission.....
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