Is prepping a cultish activity?

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Is prepping a cultish activity?

This is a discussion on Is prepping a cultish activity? within the General Prepper and Survival Talk forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; Our do non-preppers view us that way? Have you ever told someone you prepped and gotten a weird reaction? Here's the definition Google gave me: ...

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Thread: Is prepping a cultish activity?

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    Is prepping a cultish activity?

    Our do non-preppers view us that way? Have you ever told someone you prepped and gotten a weird reaction?

    Here's the definition Google gave me: a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.

    Okay, so it's not religious activity although it does seem to me that many of us (not all) are religious. But prepping definitely something we practice. Some people may see prepping as strange, but it's not sinister--even if stockpiling firearms and ammo might be considered "sinister" by some...

    What do you think? Is prepping cultish? Are we a small group of people?
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    I think the single most "scary" part of prepping for liberals is the survivor will power coupled with the streak of independence & free thinking ....

    since the percentage of preppers are conservative in nature for most of their views >>>> I guess you could classify as a cult of conservatives that see the world has a problem and want a solution for THEMSELVES ...
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    I do not think it resembles a cult activity in the way most of practice it. Simple way to tell is look at how many different ways of going about t we have right here. Notice how we except different thoughts on the subject. We have no real requirements .
    We do not follow a single line of beliefs .
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    Well, Annie, I'm the epitome of being "a little bit country, a little bit rock n' roll."

    I come here for prepper information because TEOTWAWKI might actually turn into a real thing.

    But I also come here for what amounts to 'news and views.' I figure that if the forum is looking at a slant in politics, investing or a move across the country, then I had better take a look at their reasoning.

    So let's suppose that you, Annie, have just discovered a new way to preserve very perishable foodstuffs. I flip that section open to read your article, but I also see that Denton has found a superior motor oil made from cotton plant waste. Yikes, I came to be a prepper, but also found a product I did not know existed.

    I think everyone, no matter what their major interest, should scan all new headings for information, and not just about prepping.
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    I think the phrase 'relatively small group of people' lets us off the hook. I'd wager there's more preppers out there than most are willing to admit. True some are more 'hard-core' than others (buried bunkers with 20 years of stock), but even if you consider someone who keeps 72 hours of food & water on hand a prepper, we'd be far from 'small'.
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    My parents grew up during the great depression.

    They learned to save/recycle most everything and stock up on food (farm) , fuel (wood), and other supplies. I don't see what I do as much different. In fact I learned from them before the term "Prepper" was coined.

    I guess to today's liberals, that would "strange and sinister".
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    For years I have used the "small group" to mean 1% of the U. S. population; something I once read.
    If we define a Prepper as having preps for a minimum of three months, what is your opinion on the percentage?

    To me prepping is not a cult but rather a mindset (prepared to survive anything).

    The word "cult" is used to ridicule and marginalize members. The thesaurus describes it as: crazed, organized and religious. I don't know about crazed but we ain't organized or religious. An interesting mind experiment would be to apply their Cult definition to all the pioneers that headed West. They were all prepped for an unsure and probable hostile world that they did not know but realized was possible / probable. So were they crazed?
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    No. Preppers are nice.
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    Cult? Nah!

    Who's mixing up the Koolaid?
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    "Is Prepping a Cult?"

    I suppose some socialist libnuts might think of it that way but to me the word "prepping" is normal organized behavior.

    Do restaurant chef's "prep" before their dinner service? YES

    Do surgeons and nurses "prep" before an operation? YES

    Do salespeople "prep" before a big presentation? YES

    Does big Ricky the local mechanic down at the transmission repair shop in some BumPhock Florida Panhandle town that my old Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo broke down in one time back in the early 90's "prep" before he tears out my transmission? Oooops, bad example but you get my drift!

    Being PREPARED is better than NOT BEING PREPARED and if some people think that is Cultish they can mean...pound sand.

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