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This is a discussion on Aldi's within the General Prepper and Survival Talk forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; Originally Posted by White Shadow both varieties of their bottled water taste terrible ( bad enough I used them for the dogs ). That's disappointing, ...

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Thread: Aldi's

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    Quote Originally Posted by White Shadow View Post
    both varieties of their bottled water taste terrible ( bad enough I used them for the dogs ).
    That's disappointing, their water is BPA free and I've been planning on trying it.

    Anyone else had their water?

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    I get my bottled water from Farm and Fleet (Nature's Crystal brand) or from Walmart (their president's choice or whatever their Sam's club line is). We actually like the Walmart water taste better, but Farm and Fleet is much cheaper, tons easier to get through (drive through pickup of online orders for the win!), and isn't a scumbag company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Back Pack Hack View Post
    And I'll be hunkered down with my fine, 3¢-more-per-can goods.
    Well, it's more than .3 cents here it's at least twice the price but I won't fight you over it.
    Cheap is one thing. Quality is another. And starting having a better quality (even if it's visceral) to start with is a much better situation to be in.
    You could be right, but I've always thought that I was paying for fancy TV advertising and/or some General Mills CEO or other large company's boss. Because the ingredients are usually the same. Sort of like with medications.

    We all have a choice to make. If Aldis' store brands are of sufficient quality for you to con
    sider squirreling it away for SHTF, more power to ya. But that's your choice.
    Some women are like that when it come to price points, myself included. My husband will walk into the store and look for what looks best--what's tastiest. My dad (rip) was that way. I try to find the deals.

    The question was asked, and I responded truthfully. It wasn't an incorrect answer. It was truthful. And the truth is, Aldis is substandard to me. YMNMV.
    I know, and I appreciate the honest reply. I'm a little nerdy about food storage. It's like a hobby I actually enjoy. So, had to ask.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hawgrider View Post
    Agree that years ago all their stuff was crap!

    But recently in the last couple three years the stuff they sell is better now so My woman has been shopping there recently for some things.
    The sandwich skinny's and wraps are the whip

    I find the produce doesn't keep long. The Stir Fry veggies are good, as well as the hazelnut creamer. The baked beans are good, as well as the pasta sauce. The cheese is good I can easily spend $100 on stuff I like.

    I have Ice Mountain Spring water via my well
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