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Are you a 10 percenter?

This is a discussion on Are you a 10 percenter? within the General Prepper and Survival Talk forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; I worried about this so much after reading one second after that my wife hated my drills on how long it took to gather our ...

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Thread: Are you a 10 percenter?

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    I worried about this so much after reading one second after that my wife hated my drills on how long it took to gather our bags and get to the boat by foot and clear the golden Gate with no power. BTW 41 minutes was our best time when we lived in SF. I could only hope the SF audience would sit around an wonder when PG&E when come back on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prepared One View Post
    Seems the military has some concerns about it. If they are worried, maybe we should worry. Grid down, by any means, is in my top 3,

    The GRID can get hacked but the EMP goes way beyond that. In a GRID down there are still lots of power options but far less in an EMP but I know you know that.
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    I strongly suspect that I am.
    I will choose to enjoy the journey that God has prepared for me. Hidden Content

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    Well, I've been (falsely) accused of being a 1%er, but I've never been associated with with the wheels and cogs of governmental power.

    If I am a 10 percenter, it would nice if they informed me. Heck, I get updates from the Readers Digest...
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    ...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Back Pack Hack View Post
    I, for one, will relish the fact that after an EMP, there won't be any
    car stereos any more.
    Nope, that would come to a screeching halt! And there is a bonus, it will be OK to open fire on them, anywhere that you are in earshot of that crap.
    When they can be heard for a mile away, they will make pretty easy pickin's. You just set up your rifle where you want it and wait.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sasquatch View Post
    And they need to stay off your lawn too!
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    YEAH! Get the heck offa my lawn! Or I will put a .45 right into them! [There will relaxed rules of engagement after the A Bombs fall. It will go downhill pretty quick, so I will just shoot first!]

    Quote Originally Posted by Tango2X View Post
    An EMP would be THE worst thing that could happen to this country. Period!!
    No, when the bombs keep coming, it will get a whole lot worse; because some of them will hit the ground, and the fallout will be as deadly as it gets. That crap will kill everything that it touches.

    Quote Originally Posted by Go2ndAmend View Post
    I predict that following an EMP there will be a lot of Boom Booms, but not from stero systems from low-rider cars being driven by headband wearing gang bangers. Should be interesting.
    Shoot 'em, that is my policy, so any gangsters had better be careful. They ain't the only ones that will shoot to kill.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yavanna View Post
    I sometimes wonder how an EMP would affect my country differently from the USA. At least heating the house would not be a problem in here.
    There are some people that I believe would not even notice the power going down. In the far north/northeast of the country, there are still places that have no electricity, those folks would eventually far better than the ones that live stacked up in the big cities. A few days without potable water supplies would cause major outbreaks of diseases. In a month or two most poeple would be dead.

    I do have supplies for some time, and a nice productive garden, but water would eventually become a problem.
    My main goal is to move back to the country, in a property with a reliable water source. The farther away from the city and main roads, the better
    They will notice it here, that is a certainty, and it will be scary to be an American then. The savages will vent their fury on anything that moves.
    Some of the people here are borderline psychopaths anyway; and any widespread devastation or emergency, would put them over the edge.
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    I am reading The 9/11 Commission Report, and I am about 1/4 of the way through it. It is very well written and it is worth reading. [Sep 23 2019]

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    I dunno. I've got food and firearms. Some water, pain in the neck plans for procuring more water. Winter will be hard here. But then God helps those who help themselves. Isn't that in the bible? If he wants me around, I'll do my best to assist Him with that. On the other hand, if someone decides to torch my house and God permits me to be toasted, who am I to argue? He's God.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sasquatch View Post
    I will last longer than most and not as long as some.

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    Good answer Squatch.
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    A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, But the simple pass on and are punished. Proverbs 22:3 NKJV


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