So... a couple of weeks ago at a gun range nearby (a true-life American horror story)

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So... a couple of weeks ago at a gun range nearby (a true-life American horror story)

This is a discussion on So... a couple of weeks ago at a gun range nearby (a true-life American horror story) within the General Prepper and Survival Talk forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; There I was, with 2 hours to kill before the event I was attending started. I had visited a local gun range in that town ...

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Thread: So... a couple of weeks ago at a gun range nearby (a true-life American horror story)

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    So... a couple of weeks ago at a gun range nearby (a true-life American horror story)

    There I was, with 2 hours to kill before the event I was attending started. I had visited a local gun range in that town (I'd been there a couple of times to test-fire guns I was trading for so I knew where it was). Since it was a lovely fall day, I decided enjoy the great outdoors my favorite way (surrounded by powder smoke) and to pop off a box or two with my carry gun to fill the time (I always carry a complete range kit including targets, ammo, etc).

    It was a Saturday afternoon, there were people at every single bench at the 25 and 50 yard ranges... since I pack a .357 Ruger LCR snubby there isn't that much point in putting up a target at 100 yards away, so I sat there in the car and just watched the folks shoot for a while.

    One group (the one at the far left end beyond whom there was nothing but woods) was obviously a family, two teen boys (guessing 13-16ish), a mom and a dad. Dad was sighting in his deer rifle at 50 yards (no idea why, he was well on the paper but that's what he was doing), and it was making a hell of a boom (I picked up his brass later, 7mm WinMag). Mom was blazing away with an iron sighted 30-30 Marlin lever gun, and kiddos were popping mags full of Golden Bullet out of a pair of 10/22's.

    The concrete shooting benches all were each covered by a beach towel, and the area is entirely open.

    Mother inserts several rounds into her 30-30 and father squeezes off another round. Mother fires & and jacks another round into the chamber, which also cocks the gun. Boys are standing there blazing away.

    Father says something to mother, who pulls the gun off of her shoulder and drops it onto bench from about 8 inches up, with the barrel pointed directly at her two sons. She dropped the gun so hard that it bounced.

    The gun did not fire.

    I just about wet my pants.

    I was sitting there thinking "surely to GOD she had activated the hammer block safety", and as they all walked downrange to check their targets, I grabbed my empty pop bottle, got out of my car and walked to the trash can that sits behind the benches. I looked, and could clearly see the "red" part of the safety, and that the hammer was, indeed, fully back and not at half-cock.

    It must not have been one of both of those boy's time to die, because God only knows why that gun didn't go off.

    Now I was struck on the horns of a dilemma, what (if anything) do I say?

    They were walking back and the boys were going back to where they would be in front of that loaded gun cocked and locked... so I HAD to say something. Dad kind of nodded at me and I simply said "Excuse me sir, but before those boys step in front of that 30-30 you probably want to engage the safety and decock the hammer...

    Dude took one look at the gun, at the position it was pointed, and turned to the wife.

    I made my exit. Rather than watch the drama, I went ahead down to the other side of the range and proved that it is actually pretty pointless to shoot a Ruger LCR .357 snubby at a target 100 yards away...

    We have a local gun range (private) at the town I live in where my wife and I go all the time... but we never go there if anybody else is there, and we leave if somebody joins us. You just never know about people.
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    Yikes. I've seen stuff like that and it still scares the hell out of me. When I take someone to the range, if they are at all a noob or are a child. I never ever shoot when they are shooting. I hover over/behind them and make sure nothing happens. Thank God everything turned out for the best.


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    I once watched a gun owner give his handgun to a person who had clearly never shot one.
    The newbie pointed the gun down-ish range(thank the Lord), and the gun fired at about a 45 degree angle into the ground about 5 feet ahead of him.

    I'll take this opportunity to reiterate...

    I watched another assclown do something similar while clearing a jam.
    That one was pointed almost exactly at his feet if I recall, and nearly took off a toe.
    He immediately realized how much of an idiot he just was, unloaded the gun, stuffed it into his case, and left as quickly as possible.

    Be careful out there folks. Anybody can be an idiot.
    "Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats." - H. L. Mencken

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    Good story S&P.

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    I was at a national forrest range one day and a guy from the next bench came up to talk to me about the FAL I was shooting. I could smell the booze on his breath from several feet away. I figured I had shot enough and left.
    "In alcohol's defense, I've done some pretty dumb shit while completely sober too"!

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    Good story and you did the right thing by saying something.
    Hell, anyone can do that. Hold my beer and I'll show you

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    God was over seeing that incident. It could have real been bad.
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    Blessed be God, my rock who trains my hands for battle, my fingers for war. Psalms 144:1

    Victory can depend on a dog or a goose---Napoleon

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    The one truth in shooting...the very moment you become over confident in handling weapons is the moment an AD/ND occurs. I have seen the most experienced among us have a very bad day or cause a very bad day...or very nearly. It doesn't make them bad people... or stupid only reiterates to never, ever take safety for granted. As has been said in the military...No one out ranks safety!!!

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    Scary story. And why I built my own range on my own land. People, be careful and THINK when around firearms. Keep your head about you and safety, safety, safety, safety
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    It was the summer of '83, I was 14 and visiting my uncle on his ranch in Montana. We headed to a big Rendezvous on the outskirts of town where my uncle broke out his flintlock and proceeded to embarrass everyone there shooting the gong. He was a member of the Int'l Muzzle Loading Team and competed around the world, taking several medals at various matches. He was good.

    I was bored standing behind the shooters on the line, watching, and started talking to some guy that was an acquaintance of my uncles and noticed the outline of a small pistol in his coat pocket. Interested, I asked if I could see it and he said "Sure". He pulled it from his pocket and removed the magazine. It was a little .32 semi-auto and at 14, had a certain cool factor.

    I said "Is it loaded?", he said "Nope." I said "Mind if I pull the trigger?". "Nope. Go ahead."

    My very first "HOLY FUCK" wave of terror poured over me as the dirt kicked up about five feet in front of me. Guys on the line swung around and as I looked up, there was my uncle glaring at me from me about 20 feet away. A distance he covered in exactly two and a half steps. The "responsible adult" who had given me the gun, quickly took it from me, stuffed it in his pocket and made a b-line for his car. Thanks Bro...

    I was not so fortunate as to be able to vacate the area. I don't think my feet touched the ground on our way to the Jeep. Where I sat for the rest of the day. That day was my first introduction to PROPER gun safety. I learned that day that a gun is always loaded. I learned that day that I would be taking a Hunter Safety course in the fall and would not touch another firearm until I successfully completed it.

    I learned years later that after my uncle dropped me off at the ranch and drove back into town, that he beat the absolute dog shit out of that guy.

    God is watching...he has to be.
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