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Doubts on being a prepper. (IMPORTANT)

This is a discussion on Doubts on being a prepper. (IMPORTANT) within the General Prepper and Survival Talk forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; Originally Posted by RJAMES Prepping is main stream and has been around a long time. Check out International REd Cross, American Red Cross, Scout organizations ...

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Thread: Doubts on being a prepper. (IMPORTANT)

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJAMES View Post
    Prepping is main stream and has been around a long time. Check out International REd Cross, American Red Cross, Scout organizations and . Every family needs 3 days of foods on hand that require no cooking or have an alternative way to cook.

    Prep for the common things in your area encourage others to do the same . Share and info from your state / local emergency management office, Health Department, Fire Department / ambulance.

    If folks prep for the common things that happen in their area they will be in a much improved situtation.

    After you got some of the basics then look at / talk about Crime Prevention / neighborhood watch .

    Many think prepping and start talking about stockpiling more weapons than they have adult family members/ close friends. Stockpiling Tens of thousands of rounds and Prepping for a nuclear war . Not saying that you shouldn't prep for that - just you might want to start talking to folks about the more common ( has occured and is likely to re-occure soon) first.

    On your preps, assume you got nothing, you make a first aid kit for the vehicle something you are lvery ikely to need. If you need it at home your vehicle is likely with you so you got it when needed. You can use that kit after a tornado , car wreck, hunting accident /gun shot, earthquake or after the nuclear war ( assuming no warheads in your immediate area ). After the car kit you add one for the house, Boat.

    No idea if a SHTF/ end of the world as we know it situation will come up in my lifetime- I know I will be around for at least two more tornados , a couple house fires, a vehicle fire, 3 ice storms and at least 5 car wrecks in the next 10 years. Prep for those things/events, use the materials you gather and skills you learn to deal with those fairly common events as you prep for more complex/ longer timeframe events.

    With food start with some snack bars in the vehicle, 3 days of food and add to that little every month till you have several months worth.

    When your talking to folks they can understand things like a first aid kit, several days food . They may or may not do it but they can understand and wil think that is normal. If not don't waste your time worring about them. You can only do what you can do not everyone has their ears on and eyes open.
    And thats why I tolerate you @RJAMES you have sanity in your prepper knowledge....Your just an idiot on politics. That why I will let a guy do my taxes, but not trust him on advice on painting my house....for every man there is a gift.

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    Consider also that most of us "preppers" prize opsec, I'd guess there are more of us than we think simply because we are so insular by nature.
    Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe....

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    Hey I hope I am wrong and never ever need to use any of my preps. OPSEc is where it is. If things get bad enough hidden caches will become necessary not only to keep it from roaming hordes but Uncle Sam. Those in charge have no scruples about taking someone’s private property for the common (their) good.

    Best way to approach it is talking about having a few things on hand for an ice storm or hurricane. Hey my parents always had a small stash of stuff being products of the Great Depression. See what response you get. I will not waste time on morons. But that is only if someone brings it up in a positive light. Other than that keep your pie hole shut.

    TV and movies are just that. Looking for shock and surprise to entertain. Show your ass and that is what you will be known as.
    Blessed be God, my rock who trains my hands for battle, my fingers for war. Psalms 144:1

    Victory can depend on a dog or a goose---Napoleon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camel923 View Post
    TV and movies are just that. Looking for shock and surprise to entertain. Show your ass and that is what you will be known as.
    And that's why I haven't gone to a movie in over 15 years or watched TV in four years.

    I suggest you try this once in a while. Go to bed a bit earlier. Find a program or music station you like. Get comfy and drift off.

    Well, not everything will go right. I listened to the Packers' game last night on the radio--I'm happy I only "heard" it and did not "see" it.
    ...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...


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