What Got You Into Prepping To Begin With?

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What Got You Into Prepping To Begin With?

This is a discussion on What Got You Into Prepping To Begin With? within the General Prepper and Survival Talk forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; Hey, I was just curious of how some of ya'll got into prepping. I know some people are born into it, but others come into ...

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Thread: What Got You Into Prepping To Begin With?

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    What Got You Into Prepping To Begin With?

    Hey, I was just curious of how some of ya'll got into prepping. I know some people are born into it, but others come into it. I personally came into it because of having to research somethings on the post apocalypse and my own paranoia.
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    Ok, so we were always some sort of preppers when we lived in the country, as there was always that thought of buying some extra, ans having some stock at home since we might not always get back into town very soon.
    What really got me thinking about serious prepping was all of that truck drivers strikes we have in my country. Everytime time stop the gasoline runs out in very few days, and the markets get depleated of produce to sell. In some cities they could get without potable water, because the supplies used to purify the water were not arriving. So I started thinking about what can I do in case of a real emergency... I started looking into self sustainable homes and fell into prepper stuff 😅 that is basically it.

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    Parents. As products of the Great Depression you always planed for hard times. You saved or gave to relatives/neighbors rather than throw out items that were still useful or extra produce from the garden. Garden, food storage, sales and coupons for household items. Living below ones means.
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    West WI
    Always have been, nothing is different. Times change and now my way of life is called prepping.

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    Nov 2014
    Houston, TX
    Per my upbringing I have always been a survivor, always aware of the world's crap and always ready to deal with the minutia of life. No rose colored glasses here since I was a kid. I came to being a full on prepper after going through a couple of hurricanes here and becoming more aware of just how precarious our existence really is. I realized that I can control only so much and that I was woefully unprepared for that which I have no control over. You can't control events and circumstances but you can prepare to deal with them. Do not let life, or death, find you unprepared. Be aware, be watchful, be prepared.
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    I thought there would be some hippie chicks hanging around …. boy was I wrong!
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    Simple...weather. I’ve lived with hurricanes or 3’ snowfalls in various states most of my life. That’s the basics and it grew from there.
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    I looked around, and I noticed that America had become a nut house, so I figured I had better take some precautions, and PF seemed like a good place to start.
    I have a natural predilection towards being armed too, I learned to be that the hard way. Getting jumped by 3 or 4 guys at a time, gets one to look for answers to that problem.
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    SE Wisconsin
    We don't live in town. We are the last to get plowed in winter. If power goes out we are the last to get it back. LE is a long way off if ever needed. Our volunteer fire department is good but only so much they can do . Then you hear big city COP tell the hood rats to go outside the city to steal and they will be left alone. It all adds up. Taking care of our-self has really always been a part of life. Things I saw in the Army in countries where S had ht the fan ect...
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    New life as a house husband, major shift in duties.

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    After reading this Obama said I am on it.

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    Funny story, and I don't even know her name.

    I live near a Goodyear Tire plant, and when they fire up a specific boiler or heater, a giant white mushroom cloud blows out of one of the main cooling towers. I was in the hey-day of motorcycling at this time, not knowing that in 25 short years I'd be living a mile away from that plant. It was all farm land at the time of this story.

    I had a blonde on the back of a punched out Super Glide, and I had pulled over for a little chat and maybe a nice kiss. Suddenly, the blonde went berserk! She started screaming about Soviet nuclear missiles, grocery stores being looted and little gray men at Area 51! Now, I knew only two things in those days, one was how to properly tune a Linkert carburetor for a panhead, and when some girl was about to kill me. Fortunately, I turned around and saw the cooling tower and the mushroom cloud.

    she ordered, "Get your clothes off! We have to replenish the human race!"

    I gazed at her in abject confusion and said, "I don't think we're about to run out of tires..."

    But it was too late, she was naked, still crazy, and I was 22 years and few months old.

    Later that decade I related the story to one of our Enforcers. He chuckled and told me the blonde must have been a "prepper." When I asked him what that meant, he scoffed and said, "They are people who believe it's all coming to an end."

    I looked the Enforcer right in the eyes, and said, "I just came down here going past the Goodyear plant. That place is as solid as it's ever been--and who cares if the Area 51 needs tires?"

    And that is the true story about how I met all of you...
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