I'm OCD and have PTSD. This often present itself as being a hypochondriac, but then again, the OCD makes me strive for perfection and actually helps my work.

I'm no danger to anyone, except for maybe bully boys. I have my own chair at the coffee cafe' and help the manager with her charity. In fact, many of the guys over at KimberTalk helped in two drives.

I think you must be careful in discussing people with a disorder. We don't all foam at the mouth, stalk your wife, plan mass shoot-outs and talk to garbage cans and telephone poles. I've found a good doctor and dentist who both understand that bouts of fear and uncertainty need care. Our Dane County Sheriff, Dave Mahoney (another biker) is a loud advocate of getting proper holding places for patients. Now he has only two cells made of tile and concrete--and made sure the local newspaper had them photographed.

A few months ago I saw a frightened little man try several times to approach the baristas. When I walked up he stayed several yards away from me, and the look in his eyes was pure terror. I turned to look at him once and he ran out of the store. I apologized to the barista.

"You didn't do anything wrong," she assured me, "he is a germaphobic, and simply doesn't know you yet."

I wish there was a harmless little drug that would dissipate after five minutes. I'd take every wise @$$ who laughed and defamed patients. I'd give him a shot of this drug, and for five minutes he would be in total, abject fear. He wouldn't know where he was, who could help him, what was that guy doing behind him, or had he made a fool of himself and offended people in some unknown way. Then the drug would immediately fade, and he would again see a "normal" world.

I drive slowly through our neighborhood because we have a lot of rabbits. I let them cross the street safely, and because we use no chemicals in our yard, that's where they like to eat. You see, I know a bit about being chased and viewed as a nuisance for just being born.