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A Thought on Food Storage

This is a discussion on A Thought on Food Storage within the General Prepper and Survival Talk forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; Originally Posted by Chiefster23 LOL! Are we talking about using the crossbow on the deer or the stupid neighbors? Bowman’s choice. Remember the 3 s’s: ...

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Thread: A Thought on Food Storage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chiefster23 View Post
    LOL! Are we talking about using the crossbow on the deer or the stupid neighbors?
    Bowman’s choice. Remember the 3 s’s: shoot, shovel, shut up
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    A 5000V electric fence works around here. Deer, hogs, and drunken neighbors are all repelled by it.
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    I was told to do raised bed gardening, I need to make more time to learn about it. I seen a video where they grow sprouts in mason jars and thought it was a great idea. Thanks for the input Annie!

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    I could have sworn the three S's were related to my morning activities Shower, shit and shave...lol

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    I have always wondered kind of what the OP is. IF it really hits the fan, how many days would it take for your body to adjust to the food storage and its contents that we would be consuming? I think it might be a sort of shock to the body on what is being taken in.

    I have a small grinder for grains, I tend not to try to store these grains because of insect issues, mainly corn and wheat. Weevils are the main concern. I have found an insecticide that can take it out with out having any bodily harm for later consumption but just haven't gotten around to it yet. Seems like a legit deal though.

    I like to stock up on bagged beans and rice though, flour included, because it has already been processed.

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    Food quality is a very important subject and not just for our long term storage. This is why I have worked most of my life and turned my yard into a food factory. The OP is correct to be concerned about the typical american diet. Increased cases of Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, dementia, autism, organ failure and gastrointestinal disease can all be linked to the poor quality of our food.
    I am able to grow most of the food I eat on my property, including a lot of what my animals eat and try to improve on this every year. By growing our own we are able to control the quality. No, we all can't do this because of our physical limitations, but we can make better choices on what we do eat and where we get it from.

    I honestly could talk for hours about the poor quality of the disgusting food that is sold in the grocery stores. Did you know, for example that cows are fed chicken shit and other trash from the floor of the chicken houses? this "high protein feed" bulks them up fast so they can be butchered younger. Did you also know that the silage fed to dairy cows not only is waste products of vegetable waste (rotten food), but is used by the farmers to quickly dispose of the bodies of calves that die. Cows you get your dairy products from are fed the composted remains of their dead calves. Disgusted yet? what about the wheat and other grains used to make your sweet treats, breads and pastas? did you know that commercial farmers forcibly kill their crops using Round UP, that way the grain all dries at the same time and can be harvested at the same time across thousands of acres of grain fields? These farming methods may save the farmer money and you will also save at the grocery store because of it, but you will pay in the long run.

    I have canned, dehydrated, frozen, pickled and fermented food all my life because this is how I avoid buying from the store. A few years ago I also started freeze drying my own to be able to store a wider variety of shelf stable foods. Instead of buying freeze dried foods that are made with poor quality ingredients and way to much sodium, sugar and mostly are just flavored carbs, I freeze dry what comes straight out of my garden, or what I have made into meals. I freeze dry milk products, eggs, cooked and raw meats, fruit, veggies, lots of soups, casseroles and a few treats like marshmallows to be used in hot chocolate. I store it all in mylar for long term storage, or in jars for frequently used items like onions, celery, spinach and cabbage that I frequently toss into daily meals.

    I am by no means trying to sell the freeze driers as a perfect option because they are expensive, a newer home version that has its problems and is not the fastest way to preserve your food. However, if you feel having freeze dried foods is important in your long term storage plans, and you want to have a better quality of food than what you can buy they are well worth getting.


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